Girls and Dates and Life and Such

A thousand watt smile.  Sexy, relaxed self-confidence.  Warmth and enthusiasm.
And of course those luscious curves.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been so instantly attracted to a woman that way.
She’s too young for me. (12 years younger.)
She’s too inexperienced. (Been there, done that.)
She’s too “curious” about her sexuality, as opposed to comfortable in it. (I don’t want to be someone’s experiment.)
But I didn’t feel an age gulf between us. Her inexperience and enthusiasm are endearing. And hell, everyone’s gotta have a “first,” right?
All this is theoretical, of course.  Me, mooning after a girl for the first time since…hell.  Since J.  Remember her? I still miss her, sometimes. Even if it didn’t end so well.
I miss the softness of a woman. The sweetness and warmth and scent of a woman. The familiarity of curves and skin and femaleness. I miss not being topped. Just being…with each other, mirror images. I miss being girlfriends with someone who I also share a sexually intimate relationship.
I may be a little out-of-pocket here on the ‘net for a bit. New computer has arrived and the old one is in the shop having its guts transferred over.
Yeah, someone has my laptop in their possession, with all my pics and files and smut and pornography on it. Oh well. I just couldn’t contemplate doing the data transfer myself. Done it before, pain in the ass. Meanwhile, however, I am on my work laptop, so picture posting and ‘net surfing certain sites may be curtailed a bit. I’m even a little uncomfy coming here now, but it’s Saturday and I’m not in my office, and so maybe I can get away with setting up a couple posts for next week. We’ll see. If not, don’t worry, I’m around, just…you know…trying not to get in trouble. I know, odd concept for me, huh?
Lots going on this next week. Thursday I had a great first date with an old friend. It’s always interesting when you move from “friends” to…something else. We haven’t actually made that move…but the spark was there. At least I think so. I haven’t heard back from him, so I can’t be certain it’s mutual. But, the nice thing about being friends too? If there isn’t anything else there, that’s okay. We go back to friends who flirt a bit. 😉
Went out to Taboo afterwards and saw lots of scene people that I know – and don’t know. (OMG CUTE boy with glasses doing a suspension. You know how I feel about suspension for the most part <yawn> but this boy knew how to touch her, how to make it sensuous and so freakin’ sexy it was making me wet just watching. Of course next was the obligatory “stand back and watch her spin around” thing <more yawn> but he made up for it by putting his hands on her throat and kissing her (blindfolded) face so deeply I could taste his mouth.) Also, the aforementioned Girl. Also, met up with P (of my good friends and sometime lovers/sometimes kinky play partners T & P) unexpectedly. Also, had complete strangers come up and intro themselves to me, having recognized me from this space (tres cool!)
Then went home and got soundly fucked by W. With (yes) the required ass-fucking. (Don’t want to forget it’s Anal August!  For which, btw, I also got in a “date with the buttplug in” and “tell someone who is NOT your partner that you are wearing it.”)
Friday had lunch with P, and caught up with all her news. Friday night Ad, W, me and the Missy went to Food Truck Friday, the most fun you can have with a thousand people, half that number of dogs, and 10 food trucks in a park. Then came home. Ad went to bed early and the Daughter and I stayed up and watched a movie together. I sat through an entire movie at home.  I might have been a little tired from the night before. LOL
Today…errands like car stuff with the Daughter, working on bikes with Ad and W in preparation for the upcoming Great Katy Trail Birthday Adventure (and possibly a short “trial” ride to see if we can even manage bike riding again), and a birthday party tonight. Tomorrow, the Guys and I go over to TBK’s to discuss the upcoming radio interview.  Monday I have a second date with a cute guy that wants to play dominance games, Tuesday taking the Missy to get an industrial piercing and Wednesday I have a Scrabble date with the guy that inspired the story that is in Cheeky Spanking Stories.
And really?? All I want right this moment is to get tied up. To play with W. To have him stress me and hurt me and touch me and make me fly.
Always wanting more, aren’t I?

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