Friday Faves, on Sunday – August 10

So since I can’t post sexy pictures of my own for Sinful Sunday this week, I’m gonna post links to my favorite sexy pictures from last week’s, in case you missed them.
Yep, I’m all about getting the sexy out to you, any way I can.
So, without further ado, here they are.  And there’s a whole lot of sexiness here!
(PS – if you’re linked here and I didn’t @ you on Twitter, it was because I couldn’t find your Twitter account, if you have one. If you do, and want me to use it next time, let me know what your Twitter handle is in the comments below.)
this girl’s life What I like about this is how her toes are tied into it…inventive and fun!
Frisky in the 916 I’m a HUGE fan of baths, and even more of bath-time photos.
Salacious Whispers Just because…damn…because I want.
My Whole Sex Life – Sinful Sunday 69 I’m not usually a fan of 69, but this…beautiful and hot.
A Dark Adapted Life – She Taught Me LOVE the quote, and there’s just something about the picture…
A Couple of Wankers – All tied up Because I so love this moment, the waiting, the wondering what’s coming next. And also…well hell, he’s got a damn fine ass!
Hubman’s Hangout – Christening our home It is the feeling of undetected voyeurism that I love in these shots…
girl, uninterupted – trust  Just, wow. Incredibly erotic, even if he is fully clothed!
Meet the Vincos – Pop Out  So many new Sunday Sinners! This one is for W.
Liberated Gnome – Flying solo This, too, is for W. I have a feeling he’ll quite enjoy it (and probably make me start looking for a pilot to date!)
So that’s it for the moment. Hopefully I’ll be back in picture-posting form soon!

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