An Experiment

I’m bored (I know, hard to believe) but I AM (I SUCK at being alone!) so whole I wait for my massage therapist, I thought I’d check out posting in my blog via my phone.
Because Jesus Fuck, I may never get my freaking computer back! And also, two glasses of wine. Just sayin’.
Anyway…fun weekend! Bike fixing and riding, meeting with Kendra and her partner to talk about the radio interview and life and poly and kink, getting my ass stretched and having screaming orgasms. The real thing, not the drink.
So yeah…FOUR fingers at once by each of the guys individually, then a total of six when they decided to stuff as many as they could at once in there.
Did I mention screaming orgasms?
And bike riding in preparation for our upcoming Katy Trail excursion! OMG more fun than any one woman has a right to have. Tho seriously, gotta figure something out about the rings. OUCH!
Life is good.

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