I don’t do it often, and I don’t particularly like to do it, but, what the hell.  It’s nice to be recognized occasionally.
As some of you know, I write occasionally for what used to be Eden Cafe, but is now SexIs Social.  Recently they announced a writing contest, part of which would be judged by their editorial staff, the other part more of a popularity contest (for lack of a better term.)
I’ve never been one for popularity contests, especially the kind that means posting “Vote for me!” messages all over social media, but…sigh…maybe I am feeling the need for attention, for recognition…to know ya’ll care or something. (Yeah, whiny, needy girl strikes again.)
In any case, for real, if you’d like to, I would love to see my writings “loved” on some. Voted for by readers that enjoy my writings, both here and there.
The first, “Playing with (Human) Dolls” (and one of their “featured” articles) is about just that: the fetish of dollification, how I got interested in it and what it is. The second, “How Not to Win Friends and Influence People” is a reaction to a douchebaggery email I got from someone on Fetlife, an (almost) first for me, and why I found his comments offensive and repulsive. I would never advocate voting for my writing just because you like me (“you really like me!” ~smirk~) but if you find either piece compelling or interesting at all, I’d sure like to know it by seeing a vote for it in the forum. 🙂
To vote, please click here (links above will take you directly to my articles, not the voting page.) I do think there are some sign-in requirements (creating an account or linking to a social media account, etc.) but it’s fairly non-invasive and easy to do.  Besides which, SexIs Social has some darn good writing on it, so I’d recommend it anyway, even if I wasn’t writing for them occasionally.
So…go. Read. Vote. 🙂

One thought on “Pimpin’

  1. >a society in which a man finds it perfectly okay to talk about a woman’s body parts that way; to reduce her to a pair of breasts (or non-breasts) that he can critique, openly, to her. A woman he doesn’t even know, and gives every appearance of trying to impress in every other line of the communication.<
    How 'bout it? I had a potential-dom-I-had-one-date-with write me back that he saw our relationship as him guiding me in things such as making sure my grades are good, my apartment (which he has never seen) is clean and that I "stick to my weight loss goals and report my progress to him regularly." I had never said anything to him about wanting to lose weight. Next!
    Any time I've tried to find a dom, it seems like the guys are 100% focused on what they want me to do for them and not about asking me what turns me on or getting to know me as a person. (OK, I admit I haven't tried very hard, but the little trying I did really turned me off).

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