A Bouncing Start to the Weekend

Sheesh, it’s 6am and I am up with the birds! But what the heck, a girl doesn’t need more than 5 hours sleep, does she?
Okay, maybe she does. But, as the saying goes, there’ll be time enough for sleep when I’m dead.  And honey, I ain’t dead yet!
Such a big weekend. Last night: radio interview with Kendra for her debut show on Sirius radio. Then an awesome flogging scene (to disco, no less!) by both guys, then sex with anal beads. And this morning, more sex with those same beads, since I’d crashed (literally, at 1am, BOOM and I was asleep) with them still in me.  Yep, slept with anal beads in me all night.  They were pulled out by W this morning as I rode him, grinding myself against Baldy and having a screaming orgasm. And today/tonight, a couple we know are coming in to town to play with W and I, then we’re doing dinner out with them and Ad. And tomorrow…well, we haven’t made those plans yet. But I hope they involve bike riding. And sex. Definitely sex. Maybe not in that order.
So last night…
Yeah, wow. Still flying. The radio interview has been in the works for a while. Kendra had asked if I would consider talking with her for her debut sex-talk show, and, somewhat tentatively, I said yes, contingent upon talking with her first so I could get a feel for what she was after. The agreed-upon meeting date was rescheduled though, due to timing conflicts, and I had to make my decision about whether or not to go on it without meeting her first.
It’s not like I hadn’t met her (several times) over the past years. We both kind of came on the local blogging scene around the same timeframe (she was a year or two before me, I think) and her blog was actually one of the first local ones that I ran across. It also happened that we knew some of the same people, my lovely, on-again/off-again first girl-love crush, and a couple that I dated and am still close friends with. But for whatever reason, though we inhabited the same (small) local scene that encompasses all of us sexual deviants here in the Lou, we never really go to know each other. Possibly because I became so heavily involved in the local kink scene (and W and Ad, which relationships take up much more time than hanging out with the locals) and she moves more in the sex-positive community.
Funny that those two seem to separate themselves at times, and a shame.
But when I had to make my decision about the radio interview, I went over and read a lot of her blog. I hadn’t been following her (it’s hard to keep up with any blogs at times) and so I wanted to get a feel for the kind of person she might be, or at least as much of her as I could glean from her writings. And I was impressed. She is straightforward, vociferously and emphatically sex-positive, intelligent and well-spoken. Even though our styles were quite different, and we have some differing points of view, I felt that we could have an interesting conversation.
And we did. Both in person, several days before the radio show, and on the show itself.
What a fantastic experience!  Here’s the thing you gotta know about it: I was terrified of doing it.  I don’t know if there were 10 people listening, or 100, or a million. (Okay, I’m fairly certain there weren’t a million. But at least 10, as I think that was how many callers we had.  But you know what I mean.) But the number didn’t matter, this was public speaking, and it was way beyond my comfort zone.
And that, of course, is why I did it.
I love to talk about this thing we do.  I love to talk about relationships and sex and kink and choices and living this life that we have chosen.  Mostly, I talk here, through my fingers. Sometimes I get the opportunity to talk to people in person, which I also love. Occasionally I get roped into (or rope myself into) talking to a group of people. Public speaking both terrifies and excites me, it charges me up and makes me high and I love it – when I am in the middle of it, and afterwards. In the beginning? Sheer, utter terror. Like pacing, wringing my hands, throwing-up terror.
But damn, when I get in the groove, when I’ve conquered the fear, I am in the zone, flying high and loving it.
I was there last night. We talked about sex and kink and blow-jobs and 50 Shades and anal and more sex and more kink, and talked to callers and it was just like having an extended phone conversation. It was soooo much fun.
So much so that I was bouncing off the walls afterward, a ball of pent-up energy that needed to express itself, which it did. “A beating? Please? Play play play?!?” (bounce bounce)
The Guys obliged. And OMG we had a great scene. I was soundly flogged, birched, wooden-spooned and sweat-scrapered. (Yeah, you read that right. It’s an old favorite of mine that I haven’t seen in AGES.  It’s an actual sweat scraper that they use on horses.  I bought it from a tack store years ago – with the Ex, I believe. Love love love it!) And all to the sounds of the disco playlist I made for W. And yup, you read that right, too: disco. I think I’ve mentioned before that my Mean Guy is a disco-lovin’ fool. So I made him a playlist, and they whipped me to the beat of “Staying Alive,” “I Will Survive,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “Bad Boys,” and other favorites. Twenty-five songs worth! I was dancing in the ropes, waggling my ass and back at them, asking for it, more, harder, faster…
It was some kind of fun.
But I was still wound up (though I had been quieted for awhile) by the time Ad left.
“It’s still Anal August,” I said to W. “Can we do something – something on the ‘nice’ list – for Anal August?” Anal beads, which I have always enjoyed, it was, with the promise to use them “nicely” (ie not rip them out to make me scream.)  The fun part? W had never used them! I got to introduce him to a new toy/kind of play. How fun is that?
That’s not really that unusual, to be honest. He has lots and lots of experience with torture devices, with pain toys and things that make a girl squirm and wince and scream, but the pleasure toys? The sex toys? Not so much.
I’ve made it my relationship-mission to bring him over to the pleasure side. 😉
So yeah, there was that. Though we didn’t actually get to the “pulling them out while I come” part, which is the particular pleasure of anal beads, because I had an orgasm while he was pushing them in, and then…we both, promptly, passed out. Anal beads still tucked up inside me.
So I have my love affair with W’s chime balls. And when I woke up with the beads still inside me this morning, it occurred to me, as I did my morning “task” (making him hard as he slept) that possibly fucking him with the beads in there might also be yummy. So I grabbed Baldy and climbed on top of him.
Oh yeah, cock in cunt and beads in ass – especially with me on top, so that I can roll them inside of me as I rock back and forth on him – exquisite! I was rocking to an orgasm in minutes. And just as I got there, he leaned up and grabbed the pull string for the beads and pulled them out, one by one, making that delicious popping feeling that is quintessentially anal beads.
And then I left him to go back to sleep and I came down here, because I have so much in my head to write about that I couldn’t sit still another minute. Also, we have those friends coming in to town, who will be here in a matter of hours. W has said I will be used and played with hard…I am nervous and excited. Playing with others is always anxiety-making. And I have to finish getting the house ready. And then myself. And then…
Well we shall see what we shall see, right?
But don’t fret, I am sure I will share it all with you when it is over. Because that’s what I do. 😉
Oh, before I go, for your Saturday morning listening (and viewing) pleasure:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Faf1ch7Q9XE]

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  1. Wow this is great! You’re gushing with thoughts! Like you, I’m nervous before public speaking, but once I’m in the groove I’m okay and afterward I’m buzzed, glad that I pulled it off. Radio is much easier for me than video or public speaking. One time I gave a talk in front of 700 people and it was gut wrenching for days before and after. I think I did a poor job. It was over a year ago and I still haven’t been able to watch the video of it. EEEEK!

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