Sinful Sunday – Candle

One of the things on our Anal August list was “Lit Candle Inserted in Ass.” Here it is.

Here’s a clearer view of the whole set-up.

I know Sinful Sunday is “all about the image,” but I have to share more about this particular scene. This was Saturday night, after our long Saturday day/night with longdistancesub and her Master. We had gone out to a fantastic dinner with them and Adam, who had not joined us for play that day. When we got back home I was still keyed up and wanted to play with the two of them, but I wasn’t up for an impact or real aggressive scene.
“Can we do something quiet?” I asked. “Maybe even…romantic?”
Hey, a candle in the ass is romantic, right?
Actually it was soothing and quiet and…maybe a little romantic in that weird way that the stuff we do can be.
It was also a challenge for me.
Do you remember the wax scene at Twisted Tryst that I talked about? The one where I broke down in panic and hysterics? My reaction that night had taken me completely by surprise.
I adore wax play. There is something so measured about it, so calm and yet…intense…in those tiny drops of heat on your skin.  A searing, a burning, a zing and a gasp, and then it cools. Until the next one. And depending on how fast or slow the operator goes, how high up he or she holds the candle, and where they decide to drop (or pour) it, it can be minimally painful, soothing even, to totally sadistic.  And it’s all under his (or her) control.
I have never thought of wax play as fire play. No one has ever gotten the candle flame close enough to me to make me even think of it as “fire,” which I am deathly afraid of.  I’d also never been tied when doing wax play.  So when I suggested the scene (having found an image online) in which I would be bound and have the candle inserted in the rope above me and allowed to drip down on my cunt and ass, it never occurred to me that I might react badly. That my lizard brain would feel the heat of the wax, and, knowing that there was a candle back there but unable to see it, would think, “Fire! Run!”
Which, of course, I couldn’t do, since I was bound.  And so…panic. Fear. Tears. It all ended well – but it also cemented in my mind a determination to try it again (modified at first, perhaps, so that I could see the flame) so that I could overcome the fear.
W knew this. I wasn’t the one that added the “lit candle” to my Anal August list, he was. And bless him for that, because it “took it out of my hands” in a way. It was a requirement. It was written right there. I had to do it.
And we did. And I did. There’s the proof.
Now…more more more? Please??? <grin>
Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Candle

  1. At the club a few weekend ago I watched a sub being suspended so she face down & about 2 ft from the ground. Her Dom then secured candles in the rope above her back and light them and then lite the candles on a cake and placed in beneath her while we all sang Happy Birthday to her…. it was one of the hottest, most erotic birthday greetings I had ever witnessed.

    1. That sounds like a WONDERFUL bday! We are celebrating my bday weekend by taking a two-day/sixty mile bike ride – I don’t think there will be any candles or birthday cake – just some sore bottoms – and not from spanking! lol

  2. Oh, God I so want to do that!! I had been puzzling out the set-up in my head that might work for a hotel room setting, as I know this isn’t something I would attempt on my own 🙂
    Beautifully done 🙂

  3. The first photo is mesmerizing, the lighting, the positioning of your body.. I completely get how this would be “romantic”
    I am in awe of your physical prowess, being able to maintain that position and still have energy afterwards..very impressive (and hot!)
    Thank you for sharing the story that goes along with the images too, it ads to the intensity of the scene.

  4. Simply wonderful!!
    Being a yogi myself I “get” the position completely you are in a kind of half shoulder stand which can be extremely relaxing when balanced correctly and being able to see the candle would be mesmerising!!!
    ~Mia~ xx

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