Scorecard – Anal August

As I mentioned, W has declared September to be “Supplemental September” so that we can continue to work on the items on his list that we did not accomplish. As he said in the beginning of August, “These are goals, things we want to accomplish, not rules or absolutes.  If we don’t get them all done in August, well, there’s always more time…”
Which means I still have many more anal “joys” to experience.
I’ll admit that the last week of August I fell down a bit on the daily plug routine. And I’ll also admit that I’d like to get into that as a routine. I don’t want to be plugged 24/7 (god forbid!) but, yes. There is something about wearing it, about the actual insertion of it, that puts me in a wonderfully submissive state of mind. (For another excellent post on this topic, please read Rebel’s post here.) I like thinking of doing something daily for W, if I thought that he would appreciate it as well. If I thought he’d be thinking of me doing it for him.
The last day of August W decided that we were going to have an Anal Marathon to wrap things up, and to try to accomplish a few of the things still on the list. We accomplished a number of things that day, though not as many as we might have hoped, because, frankly, my ass (and intestines) gave out. Much to W’s delight, my date on Thursday night turned out to be quite the anal enthusiast, and I had been soundly fucked in all three holes for several hours that night. (I had even asked for anal sex – a first with a (relative) stranger!)  W was very, very proud of me (and wildly turned on) by his little slut’s temerity – and by the fact that my date was quite impressed with my anal capabilities – but that much hard use can lead to some not-so-pleasant physical side effects, all of which I suffered that last day.
But not before he used the anal beads on me again, had me wear the 2.0 out to lunch, and used the inflatable buttplug on me.
I was an anal champ! (And had some rocking orgasms, before I waved the white flag and he released me from further anal torment.)
So how did Anal August turn out? What did we accomplish and what possibilities are in store for Supplemental September?
Anal August Specifications and Policies

  • The standard Njoy butt plug must be worn a minimum of four hours per day. Medical necessity or prudence is the only exception to this policy. – FAIL I started out with a bang, and with the best of intentions, and W sounded like he was pretty firm about it…but…life got in the way, I got really good at making excuses, and we also discovered that – heh – the damn thing FALLS OUT. So although it was a fail, we learned some valuable information: the large size has to be tied in if I am walking around. If I mostly sitting, it seems to be okay (so I may try again to wear it daily at work.) And…regardless of if I managed to wear it every day or not, I discovered that when I did wear it, it made me feel…connected…to W in a way that I really, really like. We’re still collecting data on the 2.0.
  • A butt plug must be worn to work on at least five occasions. ACCOMPLISHED
  • A butt plug must be worn on an evening date on at least two occasions. SEMI-ACCOMPLISHED. Wore it out on one bona-fide date (with someone other than W or Ad) but didn’t have the opportunity to wear it with anyone else…or if I did W didn’t insist I wear it. But I did go out with the guys a couple times wearing it.
  • The Njoy plug should be worn for successively longer periods to determine a practical norm. The goal for this should be 8 – 10 hours without removal. A maximum wearing duration for the Njoy plug should be recorded. SEMI-ACCOMPLISHED I did wear it for longer and shorter periods, tho the max this time was 6 hours (I have worn it in the past for 8 hours.)  Because of the instances of it falling out, 6 – 8 hours is do-able, and without discomfort, if I am mostly sedentary (at the office, for instance.) Four hours is a very “practical norm” for it, with some activity.
  • The Njoy plug should be worn during at least one exercise session. – FAIL For the reasons listed above, it was just not practical in the real world. Though now that I am thinking about it, I did not get the opportunity to try it while bike riding. I may attempt that this month.
  • The Njoy plug should be worn for at least one hike. – FAIL Again, see above. Though tied in, this would probably be possible.
  • At least once per week a succession of larger plugs shall be inserted with the objective of achieving long term wear capability for the largest size. – ACCOMPLISHED ONCE This is actually a fairly stressful activity, and so we only managed it once, mostly because with limited time together, we preferred doing other things rather than something as time intensive and physically draining as this is. Still, I didn’t manage to get to the largest size, and I would like to get there at least once.
  • An objective of wearing the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 at least six hours in a public venue. SEMI-ACCOMPLISHED – Worn ~3hours at lunch. Would like to wear it at home one day for most of the day to see if it really will fall out, or if that is just my anxiety talking.
  • An inflatable plug will be used with the objective of gentle stretching. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • An inflatable plug will be used with the objective of discomfort. – FAIL
  • At least six non-plug insertables will be used anally. – ONLY DID ONE (and that was on my own.) This is the one thing I wish we would have gotten to do more of, and that I had hoped Ad would be more proactive with.
  • A candle insertion will be made. The candle will be lit. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • An ass hook will be used. – FAIL
  • Anal beads will be used during and without vaginal sex. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Anal vibration will be investigated. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • During public outings at least five non-partners will be made aware that you are plugged. ACCOMPLISHED ONCE
  • Anal penetration is available during any sexual encounter for the entire month. This includes sexual penetration by strangers.  Anal penetration may not be refused. (The operation need not be completed, but attempts must be allowed.) ACCOMPLISHED – Ionly had one date, but anal sex was certainly not refused, and was, in fact, asked for.
  • W will complete anal penetration during each sexual encounter in August. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Ad is encouraged to complete anal penetration during each sexual encounter in August. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Anal stretching exercises will be in effect all month.  A single finger will be inserted randomly at any time. An objective for the end of the month is that four fingers be inserted up to the last knuckle. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Two handed anal stretching will be employed on at least two occasions. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Figging will be employed on at least two occasions. Freshly peeled, and seasoned. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • At least three enemas will be administered. Hot water, cold water, and a non-water substance. – FAIL
  • Be whipped on the asshole. – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Have a strap-on used anally by another female. – FAIL
  • Have a double anal dildo used by another female. – FAIL

So there you have it! Check back later for a post with some pictures of all the wonderful, sick, hot, fucked-up things we did for Anal August…

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