Weekend Wrap-up

I had big plans to write this post Saturday morning, in bed, while sipping coffee. Instead, I slept in until 10 AM, then got myself into an organizing mode, and reorganized and cleaned my bedroom.  Then, just when I had decided to settle into a nice long writing spree, the Girlchild came over and pestered me until we went for a bike ride. Actually, she wanted to go for a walk, it was me that insisted on a bike ride. And no matter that I call it “pestered,” I am so very grateful that she wants to come over and hang out with her mom and “pester” me.  It was a perfect ly gorgeous day, and she was quite right to bug me til I went out and enjoyed it.

Unfortunately coercing her into a bike ride was not the best idea – she was a CRAB the whole time. So much so that I finally told her to turn around and go back home, and Ad and I continued on without her. We ended up taking a lovely ride up to the mall to get me some better biking shoes and do a search for accessories for my upcoming wedding-date-adventure. I had ordered a snazzy little hat and got it in the mail the other day, and found an acceptable white blouse to go with my pencil skirt and silver waist-cincher, but I was (am?) still hoping to find a blouse with frilly cuffs. If I don’t, I don’t, but the outfit would be super-sharp if I did.
It was fun putzing around the mall with Ad, and I ended up finding an adorable little black hat with feathers on the back and a half-veil.  Loved it! But not sure the veil says “Victorian” (the look we are going for.) It does say “sexy vamp,” though, so I may pick it up anyway and see what Wedding-Date-Guy thinks.  It’s kind of fun planning this outfit out, and seeing what he (a total stranger) thinks of it when I’m done. I’m trying to stay this side of “costumey” while still allowing myself be a little playful – or maybe I should say “making” myself be playful. It’s a little bit out of my comfort zone to be dressing a part for a vanilla setting. Put me in a fetish situation and I am all for it, but otherwise…well, I never even played dress-up as a girl.  So this is all new for me.  Since Wedding-Date-Guy is kinky, though, and we found each other on Fetlife, it is amusing to try to find little ways to let our “alternative” sides peek out – or at least hint at them to each other – while staying on the vanilla edge. We haven’t even touched on kink stuff yet, but he had indicated he was looking for the possibility of some play, too, not just a date for the wedding. So…it looks to be an interesting weekend.
That’s the weekend after this upcoming one though, and I have tons of planning to do for it as well, maybe even more. For my birthday weekend Ad, W and I are biking a portion of the Katy Trail, specifically from Jefferson City to Augusta. It’ll be a two-day trip, with a stay a B & B along the way. I’m looking forward to it, but it’s a logistical challenge. The guys should be grateful I enjoy planning things, or I’d be resentful as hell that I’m having to do all the planning and reservations for my own birthday. I was even trying to figure out how to bring cupcakes and candles in a backpack on the ride, because goodness knows they won’t think about it.
Huh. Maybe I am just a touch crabby about it.  I must be tired today. Tomorrow I’ll be back to planning mode, printing off maps and notes and estimating distances and trying to decide on a restaurant in Jefferson City and pondering how much wine I can drink without getting too hung over to ride the next day…and I’ll be perfectly okay with it.
Anyone got any ideas about those cupcakes? 😉
So anyway, we have been riding bikes a lot, getting ready for two 40+ mile days. I don’t think it will actually be that hard, but who knows. We’ve only done 12 miles at one time. We could be miserable by the end of Day 1! I hope not, though, because it is my plan (since that is my actual birthday) to check in at the B&B and then head over (on foot) to Hermann to go to one of the wineries there. It’s 2.75 miles from where we’re staying into Hermann, so we better be able to walk! If not though, the B&B has a little kitchen and a mercantile nearby where we’ll be able to find foodstuffs and a couple of bottles of wine, I am sure. I imagine the three of us can cook up something fun just hanging out, don’t you? 😉
So what else did we do over the weekend? Well let’s see, that Saturday night, after Ad and I rode the bikes, I went over to W’s and we went to a play party.
Oh but I’m getting a mite ahead of myself. First there was Friday night. I had a second date with someone!  We have been friends for awhile but recently started to kind of feel out what playing with each other would be like. The idea to explore this actually happened over lunch with his wife. She mentioned that he is interested in playing with someone that likes to play hard, and, well, I raised my hand. So to speak. What followed was a first, exploratory date, and then…a really freaking hot email about something he fantasized about doing to me, which was exciting to read.   And then there was Friday night’s date, where we actually started talking about “stuff.” You know, this stuff that we do.
It’s a little weird sitting across from someone who wants to play with me, knowing he’s read all this stuff here in my blog. I mean, this is me, but it’s not all of me (though hell, it’s awfully close, now that I think about it. LOL)  But yeah, it’s a bit disconcerting. And yummy-making, in that way that disconcerting is sorta hot.  It was a good date though, and I am eager to take those next steps. Whatever they are.
Of course I had to go over to W’s after to tell him all about it. But at the last minute I decided I wanted to meet him out, rather than at his house. So we did, and we had chocolate martinis and dessert and talked and then…I went home. To my house, the house I share with Ad. Ad was shocked to hear me walk into the bedroom (he was, of course, already in bed asleep.) I think this is the first time I have gone home after an evening out with W in…wow, I don’t know how long.  It made sense in my mind to do so at the time, but laying there wide awake while Ad slumbered next to me, when I could have been at W’s playing, talking, or having sex, well, it made less sense. Still, it may happen more often in the future. I feel like I am always begging W’s time from him, always wanting more, always wearing my heart – and my need for him – on my sleeve.  And maybe that’s not so healthy, you know?  Maybe he needs to miss me occasionally, right?
Except that we all know it will be me missing him, not the other way around. Oh well, I guess if I claim to be an emotional masochist this is a good thing.
Riiight.  Thank god (for all of our sanity) that I am not good at playing games.
So that brings us to Saturday. Amazingly we had three different options for Saturday night fun (four if you count staying home and playing.)

  1. Meet a new couple that messaged us on our swinger profile. They are interested in kink, and we’d been trying to find a time that we could meet over a drink and talk, but it never worked out. They messaged us late Saturday afternoon, apologizing for the late notice, but said that they had the evening free if we’d like to meet. Unfortunately (or fortunately, since we had a great time) we had already committed to another option.
  2. A swinger party held at a local strip club. The theater side gets pretty nasty, and I get to get all slutted up, so we seriously considered it, but it is all the way in IL, so we chose…
  3. A play party thrown by a friend.

Which was a lot of fun!
And then Sunday we met Ad for brunch, and ate way too much, and we drove out to some woodsy acres that W owns by a lake and played in the woods.  It was beautiful out there, and I wished he had a place I could stay in there, because I have a feeling I’d be out there at least one weekend out of the month, if not more, if W’d let me. (So maybe it’s good he doesn’t have a liveable place there!)
Anyway…that’s all I got for now, cuz I’m tired, and this post is long, and it actually had quite a bit more whine in it than I had intended, or realized I was feeling. (I must be tired!) So I’m-a gonna log off here now. I’m sure I’ll have more for ya’ll later!

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