Assisted Yoga – Tree

In honor of my post about the connection between meditation and subspace, I am posting this series of pictures of one of my favorite asanas, Tree pose, or Vrksasana. Because of an old back injury that has caused my hips to be permanently out of alignment, I have balance issues under the best of circumstances, so this pose, while considered by many to be an “introductory” balance pose, is quite challenging for me.
And all that much more of a triumph when I succeed.
It takes intense focus for me to manage it, and it is precisely that focus that I love so much about it. Even with the ropes “assisting,” this was a challenging pose for me. But it just seemed so right to do, there in the woods behind W’s lake house.  All yoga should be done in nature, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “Assisted Yoga – Tree

  1. This is one of my favorite positions. I guess I need to go back and try a bit harder.. bondage would make it all that much better!

  2. this is wonderful. I agree that all yoga should be done in nature, au natural. So glad you could find a way for this pose to work for you!

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