A Cleanse & a Challenge

My posts for the next week or so, when I write one (and unless W tells me to post something else) are likely to be pretty boring. W is out of town visiting family for the next week or so, and I am attempting a 7 day fall cleanse/detox.  It’s my first attempt at such, and I am not filled with willpower when it comes to doing healthy things, but…what the hell. He’s gone, what the hell else is there to do? LOL  Also, more seriously, it will be good for Ad, who is doing it as well, and we have already spent an enjoyable evening preparing the kitchari, chutney, vegetable broth and teas for it.  Can I resist the call of sweets and caffeine for a week? I have no idea, but the idea of putting only whole, organic, unprocessed foods and nothing artificial in my body for a week is immensely pleasing.
The idea is, is the key though. The reality? Who knows. I’ll be updating my progress sporadically here, for W’s benefit, as he asked me to keep him apprised of my progress, if for no other reason.
And hey, you can all laugh at me if I fail, so that could be fun, right?
I actually have a built-in break in the middle of the cleanse. Not deliberately, but it’s not something I can get out of. My sister’s birthday was this past week, and I am going to my mom’s for a birthday lunch and cupcakes for her Saturday. One of the “helpful hints” that the program espouses is “Tell your family and friends about it!” to obtain support, etc. But I know if I tell my mom and sis about it, they’ll both think I’m nuts. So I’ll just take a cupcake break in the middle. I told Ad he could too. 😉
Other than that, not much to talk about here. As usual, the Missy and I are gearing up for the NaNoWriMo challenge again. I say “as usual,” but starting to think about it this early is a little bit unusual. I hope that this month of prep is helpful, though. I usually just fly by the seat of my pants starting November 1, but this year I am planning out my story a bit beforehand. I aspire to have it outlined and ready to just write to the outline come November (a technique I’ve never tried before), but, well, the best laid plans, right? And of course there is our cruise right smack in the middle of it all. As usual. But after we get back from that, I have planned for a two or three day NaNowriMo writing retreat for the Missy and I, so hopefully that will put me back/keep me on track. As always, it is so much more about the adventure than actually having a “novel” at the end. But it would be lovely to get this story on paper.
I do so love that every year the Girlchild wants to do this with me. I am so wonderfully blessed to have a daughter like her.
I do actually have some goals for this week while W is gone and for the month leading up to November 1, in order to be ready to devote myself to the writing challenge. During November you’ll probably see a lot of picture posts from me: the rest of the Alphabet Challenges, a couple Picture Requests, some Scavenger Hunts, and of course some Wicked Wednesdays and Sinful Sundays. I also plan to complete (at long last) the 30 Days of Kink meme. Most of those I can set up now in preparation.  Of course I’ll be doing a cruise trip report and probably an update on the Miss’s and my weekend away…but other than that I really am going to try to devote myself to NaNoWriMo, so don’t expect too much. 😉 Maybe W and I can come up with something fun for December though. Last year’s Twelve Kinky Days of Christmas was such a blast!
Ok, I’m out. Gotta go heat some ginger tea and do my daily Abhyanga!

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  1. Being healthy is always good. I wish you luck! I couldn’t go without coffee. But, I am not very healthy! And have fun hanging with your girl. I hope when mine is older, she will want to still hang out me.

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