Alphabet Challenge – P is for Piasa, Pub & Power Plant

We’d had a great day hunting for O’s, and ended up with several P’s as well.
We’d started out here, at an Oil Refinery. That was a fortuitous and completely random side-road excursion that turned into several cute pics and even a Scavenger Hunt. (You’ll get to see that later in the week.)

From there we headed out to the River Road, and spotted a Power Plant across the river. I couldn’t resist bullying my Guys into a little roadside bondage.
This is what an untied, vanilla Jade looks like:

“C’mon, c’mon, it’ll be fun!”

They obliged me.

Then made me pay for my fun by leaving me to bake in the sun.
“Are you done yet?”

They even found another place to tie me up.
That’s really me down there in all that driftwood!


After that we headed went to find the Piasa Bird.  Never heard of the Legend of the Piasa Bird?

It’s funny, both Ad and I remembered it as a hundred feet tall…
Not so much. 😉

After that adventure we all needed a cold beer and some lunch at the Piasa Pub, and another opportunity to snap some Rope on the Run!

Another Letter of the Alphabet down!

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