Alphabet Challenge – Q is for Queeny Park, Quiet!, Quarry & Dairy Queen

These Alphabet Challenge days are nothing if not fun. This time we got to introduce W to a park he’d never been to. I want to say it is in an area of St. Louis that he’s seldom been in, either, far West County.
For me, heading out to Queeny Park was a walk down Nostalgia Lane. Just across from the park was the apartment complex where my ex and I rented our first apartment together, and though the place has definitely changed in 20 years, it hasn’t changed that much. Seeing my old stomping grounds though, and seeing how close the park was to my apartment, something I had never taken advantage of when I lived there, made me wish that I had been more appreciative of what St. Louis had to offer. Oh well, live and learn. I’ve certainly learned much more about St. Louis in the past 26 weeks or so!
But first we visited a local branch of the county library. We’d picked it based on its proximity to the park (or at least based on the fact that it was on the way to the park.) It turned out to have a great big lawn and sign right out front, which was perfect. What we didn’t expect was to be interrupted every minute or so with people coming by to drop off books (we were there before they opened.) But, somehow, we managed to get our photo – even with the gag! (You can’t see, but I do have rope on my wrists.)

Quiet, please!

Then it was off to the park. We hiked down a lovely, fairly secluded trail until we came to the perfect spot: a place with a trail sign and the name of the park on it.

We found some other photo opportunities at the park and generally enjoyed the warm day before heading back into the city, where I decided i needed a dipped cone. Dairy “Queen” was too good an opportunity to pass up.

And then, fortified by ice cream, we headed toward a quarry on the way home.
I really wanted to get IN the quarry, but there wa sno way to do so, and at first we couldn’t even really get close enough to tell what it was.

We did end up finding a comfortable spot closer, at the entrance, in fact, which made me happier.  we did get an awful lot of looks at both spots, since we were right on a fairly well-traveled road.  At least I wasn’t attempting a Scavenger Hunt!

One thought on “Alphabet Challenge – Q is for Queeny Park, Quiet!, Quarry & Dairy Queen

  1. Hi Jade…I’ve had a lot of catching up to do on your blog. Haven’t been online to much lately, Just have to say I love this alphabet challenge you’ve been doing. Love all these places you’ve found to explore the rope bondage.
    And of course I just have to tell you how HOT those shoes you have on in Pic#1 are…though we need a closer shot 😉 the post and can’t wait to see the next one.
    Kara XOXO
    PS: maybe you need to do places with numbers for the next rope challenge….than we know that will never end 😉

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