Sinful Sunday – Picture Perfect

As I was looking for the images that I posted in my blog for this post, I ran across the one that I had been shooting for when we started the play session that day (you can see more about that whole day here.)
I’d wanted something simple, showing off the Jessica Simpsons in a hog tie.

I think this image really captures that, and I love it. The geometry of it, the sooty black and glaring white, the light and shadows, my hands clenched. And of course those lovely, made-for-bondage holes in the toe and heel. 😉
Sometimes, though, quite by accident, as you take one picture, the one that you think you want, you end up taking something else.

This picture, when Ad just happened to step into the frame, is that picture.  Yes, it is the image I wanted of my shoes…but it is also so much more. It tells a whole story – or hints at one. THIS is the image I love the most out of that set, and that I find most evocative.

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Sinful Sunday

12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Picture Perfect

  1. LOVE the shoes. I have a few pairs of Jessica Simpsons myself and love them. Plus the addition of the rope just makes the pics even hotter 😉 Kara XOXO

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