The 12th Day of Kinkmas

And on the 12th day of Kinkmas, Jade gave Santa’s Helper what he deserves. (Click through to see Santa’s gift to Jade as well!) And that concludes Jade’s 12 Days of Kinkmas! We hope you have enjoyed our little bit of fun. Happy Holidays and a Merry Kinkmas, from all…

The 11th Day of Kinkmas

But Santa’s Helper wasn’t quite done with Bad Jade yet. He wanted to leave a note for Santa so there would be no confusion about which list Jade belonged on. (The Naughty List, in case you didn’t guess by now.) To see the note Santa’s Helper left, head over to…

The 10th Day of Kinkmas

Santa’s Helper shows Jade what Bad Girls get for Kinkmas.   Check out the series from the beginning here.

The 9th Day of Kinkmas

Looks like Jade’s ready to take what she deserves.

The 8th Day of Kinkmas

Switches? You’re kidding, right? Apparently NOT. Go check out the rest of those being Wicked!

The 7th Day of Kinkmas

You know what Bad Girls get for Kinkmas, don’t you, Jade? You can start with 1st Day of Kinkmas here.

The 6th Day of Kinkmas

All tied up with a bow – and ready for what comes next. Santa’s Helper does such good work! Ready! Now what?

The 5th Day of Kinkmas

Santa’s Helper helps himself to a little Bad Jade. Do you think Jade is going to get what Bad Girls deserve? Sinful Sunday is all about the image. I certainly think these images – and the rest, starting here, tell a fun story! Check back daily til the story comes…

The 4th Day of Kinkmas

You’re definitely on Santa’s Naughty List, Jade… And Santa’s Helper is going to give you exactly what you deserve! (From the beginning here…)

The 3rd Day of Kinkmas

Santa’s Helper doesn’t believe Jade is as sweet and innocent as she claims… (Continued from here.)