The 1st Day of Kinkmas

In which Jade writes a letter to Santa.

Dear Santa...
Dear Santa…

I’ve been a VERY good girl. (You can tell by how sweet & innocent I look!)

Please bring me EVERYTHING I deserve.
Please bring me EVERYTHING I deserve.

I have a feeling Santa's Helper isn't buying it.
I have a feeling Santa’s Helper isn’t buying it. Maybe he knows something we don’t? ~click~

Stayed tuned to see if Jade gets what she deserves.

And meanwhile, check out all the rest of the Wickedness going on over at the Wicked Wednesday blog!


(And yes, I know I said I am on hiatus, but letters to Santa don’t count as actual writing. And I also know that the 12 Days of Christmas don’t start until Christmas Day or the day after. So shoot me. These are MY 12 Days of Christmas – er, Kinkmas.)

(PSS – Did you see my Twelve Kinky Days of Christmas  last year?)

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