The Twelve Tasks of Christmas – and a Christmas Beating

The “Twelve Days of Christmas” start on Dec. 25, and if you look at the last entries in this blog, before I shuttered it to move on to my other blog, you’ll see that I had done a “Twelve Days of Kinkmas” in conjunction with Molly on her blog, Molly’s Daily Kiss. Yeah that was way back in 2012! I’d done a lot of Xmas, Christmas, Kinky Advent, and etc., type posts in subsequent years, on my other blogs, but unfortunately they aren’t accessible. And since my primary kink partner isn’t wired to be creative that way, I kinda thought my days of kinkifying the holiday season were over.

Enter the Canadian into my life. He likes games as much as W, and because we are long-distance, they are often a way we stay connected. “Each day of the Twelve Days of Christmas,” he said, “I’m going to send you one task to complete for me.” Then I would report back to him, via text, images, Marco Polo, what have you. I decided to post them here too. Just for fun, to get back into the swing of blogging again. And because I know it will please my Canadian Sir. 🙂

But first, there was a Christmas Beating, via a most unexpected source. I was playing cribbage with A, and losing pretty badly. Now I’m not normally a sore loser, but I am pretty competitive, and I was kind pouty. “I’ll make it better for you,” he said. “If I beat you, I’ll beat you.” It’s been a long time since he’s offered any kind of bdsm play. In fact I can’t recall the last time he offered and then actually did it. “When?” I asked, a little dubiously (but with a lot of excitement.) “Right now,” he said. Well, I wasn’t going to try to lose, but when he won a few minutes later, it made the loss much easier to bear! I followed him downstairs and I got my butt (and my thighs) whacked! Happy Christmas to me!

A warm holiday butt.

Then it was on to The First Task of Christmas:

“On the first day of Christmas my beauty sent to me, a Polo of her cootie.” I can’t post a Marco Polo video here, but I sent it to him. (It should be noted that once upon a time I mentioned a girlfriend that I play with “kicking my cooter” during play. Apparently, for the sake of the song, it’s been renamed a “cootie.” You know, in case you’re wondering what a “cootie” is!)

And now, it’s Task Two of the Twelve Tasks of Christmas:

“On the second day of Christmas my beauty sent to me, two titties twisted…
and a Polo of her cootie.”

Assisted by A’s capable hands.

So there you have it, Tasks 1 & 2 of the Twelve Tasks of Christmas! What will future days bring?

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