Tasks Three & Four

“On the Third Day of Christmas my beauty sent to me –
three right thigh beltings…”

I didn’t have a leather belt handy, so I used this plastic one, with “Scrabble” images all over it, which made me giggle. The giggles stopped as soon as the belt came down though – it was sharp and deliciously painful! It’s hard to tell how hard those “beltings” were – this red mark bloomed much brighter after about 5 minutes, but by then A was massaging the spot and pressing his hard-on against me, and moments later he had me bent over the massage table, where we’d set this up, and was fucking me from behind – so pictures were kind of out of the question.

He’s been “assisting” me in my tasks, and seemingly thoroughly enjoying doing them, as they have resulted in us having sex twice in the past week. That’s 200% more sex than we’d had in the entire 9 months before, even though we’d sheltered-in-place together when the pandemic broke out. I’d begun to wonder if we had passed beyond that phase of our relationship – and whether I was sad about it or not. I’m still not sure, to be honest. Even though he’s “doing the things” to me, it doesn’t get me fired up in a specifically sexual way because we don’t have a D/s connection, and that’s a huge part of it for me. It was just playful fun. We had sex after because he wanted it – which made me happy that what we were doing was turning him on – but I think I’d have been just as happy not having sex at all. BDSM isn’t always sexual, and doesn’t have to be. And it wasn’t a driving desire in me to have him at that moment – I was mostly happy and silly with endorphins. But it turned out well, the sex was good, we both had orgasms and it was nice to be in that space again with him. I wonder if I can just get out of my head, if I can just be present in the moment rather than *thinking* about it while we’re doing it, if that will make it better.

So there’s that to think about.

But it’s a lot of fun, having him play along, having him whack at me, and in some weird way it feels like it’s bringing us closer -in spite of my ambiguous feelings about the sex. We had three days together when we were both off, and I really enjoyed my time with him. We went and did a walk-through at the house again, played musical cars when his broke down, went to a local park so he could rollerblade with my daughter and her roommate and I could run, had lunch out and dinners in with my kids. We cooked together and binged a new Netflix obsession and laughed and talked. So maybe things will all work out.


“On the Fourth Day of Christmas my beauty sent to me –
four right bum whackings…”

I chose the spatula for my four, and what a fine lovely “thwack!” it made.

Stay tuned for more Tasks of Christmas.

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