The Twelve Tasks of Christmas, Tasks 4-9

I actually did tasks 5 & 6 on time, and meant to post them here right away, but time got away from me (or I was just too lazy) and so I didn’t…and then New Year’s Eve we let it go until too late and didn’t have the energy to do 7, and I had a migraine New Year’s Day, so that scuttled the doing of 8 on time…and so there we were last night, with 7, 8 & 9 to do all at once and me having to post all of them at once.


It was actually fun doing so many at once though, because it was more extended impact/pain play, and I’ve been missing that since my Canadian Sir went back to Canada and I came back home. Now that my regular kink partner is back from vacation I anticipate more play time, but that that may or may not happen. We’ll see. In any case, getting all the 1-9 whacks 3x at once was fun!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I am doing all these on Marco Polo, a video sharing platform, so I can share all the goodness with M, sometimes in real time. This is a still from the Fifth Task of Christmas…

“On the Fifth Day of Christmas my beauty sent to me –
Five pussy slaps…”

I don’t have pictures for each of days 6-9, but here’s what they were, and here’s a pic of the result of that on my thighs.

“On the Ninth Day of Christmas my beauty sent to me –
Nine bum cheek waggings…
Eight nipple pullings…
Seven left bum beltings…
Six left thigh croppings…”

Now let’s see if I can finish out the rest of the twelve days with a bang and do them all on the right days. 😉

As the New Year starts I am also trying to add some other discipline to my life. I’m attempting the January Jumpstart 2021 writing challenge (so expect to see lots more writing here,) continuing my 5k Run/Walk program (doing a walk/run at least 3x/week) and participating in Breath, a 30 Day Yoga Journey.

I started running back in November, when I spent a month in Myrtle Beach with M, and although I had some weeks when I wasn’t able to get out because of weather, I gifted myself a treadmill for Christmas and I have been on it consistently since. I started the yoga practice yesterday, and I’ll be honest, the first day was challenging already! But that’s to be expected, I haven’t moved my body that way in a LONG time. Too long. That’s why I am there. I am also there to honor my body though, and to learn appreciation for it again. I’ve wrestled with hating my body/my self during the past year, and I want to move beyond that. I can only do that by doing it. It’s also about discipline, about commitment, about showing up for myself. All three practices are. I want this year to be the year I Show Up for Myself.

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