Aaand I fell down…

…on my first day of January Jumpstart and on the 11th Task of Christmas. Circumstances interfered with those two things happening – funny, in the 12 card tarot spread (1 card for each month of the coming year) that my beloved friend Ruby did for me only two nights ago, The Eight of Swords was my card for January. The high-level name in the Thoth system for this card is “Interference,” though it refers to interference we cause ourselves rather than anything outside – and is a typical situation for me. I frequently seem to be getting in the way of myself.


Eight of Swords Upright

eight of swords
  1. In an overall situation we are having a hard time over which is the best option for us to take at the moment. The swords are all different and so are the things which are getting in the way of our next course of action.
  2. We could be having ‘analysis paralysis’ or over thinking things with lots of things going through our mind our will power to move forward becomes scattered on endless unproductive thoughts..
  3. A solution to this would be to take time out and do something different. Get a distance from the situation as the energy you are putting into it is just perpetuating the indecision. So the optimism of Jupiter should shine through once we leave things alone for a while and let them settle in their own way. Have some fun and come back to this in a refreshed light.
  4. We may be wasting our attention on small things (the knives) which are not important.

I will say that I did show up for yoga yesterday morning and then (miraculously) for running last night right after work. I was feeling good, in spite of not having slept past 4:30 the night before.

Hopefully I will have the energy and time to post about Tasks 11 and 12 tonight – I am sure my Canadian Sir would like that!

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