February Photofest – Day 8

I played with filters today!

The game last night was to try to make my stripes as bright pink as this lovely little slip of a thong, which we came close to doing. And the filter just saturates the colors so much, I love it. Also, check out that round ass!

This was the result of our second night of cribbage. We played for whacks. The first night, I made the rule that whatever the spread in points was – no matter who won – would be the number of whacks I would get, using my second favorite implement, a tool I call the jambock. It’s a dense, solid leather toy that really packs a wallop.

Jambock on the right, warm-up tool on the left.

I only got four whacks with the jambock, though, which the Canadian was disappointed by, so this night, he made the rules for our cribbage game. This time, it was the spread – no matter who won – between the winning peg and the furthest back peg, which turned out to be a lot more than four. But I got to choose the implement – my favorite, the 3-whip!

The difference was 48 – and trust me, we’re both of us too competitive to throw the game one way or the other.

I won, but then so did he. And then so did I. 😉

I also got to pick where he used the whip, which was my ass, thighs and a little bit of my belly. He got in a few bonus whacks on my puss. NOT my favorite place for sure! But I was proud of myself for taking it with only a few high-pitched squeals. And he made it worth my while. 😉

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