I already almost forgot to post today – that’s how out of practice I am! But I was saved by K, my…I don’t know what to call him, yet…reminding me to do so.

So what is this that K and I are doing? We’re seeing each other, and kind of more than “just” seeing each other; playing and gradually moving into something D/s-shaped; doing a lot of talking and texting and Marco Polos and having lots of sexy rainy mornings and stormy nights in my bed, as well as just hanging out and well, being relationship-y (I think that was his word).

We haven’t made any pronouncements about who we are to each other, either to ourselves or anyone else yet, though I think most in our crowd and families know we’re involved at least in some capacity. I’ve met one of his daughters and he’s met Adam (and Fee) and in fact we – Adam, he and I – have all spent time together, doing dinner and drinks and going to a movie and playing games. (I might tell y’all a bit about the one night the game involved whacky toys and my bum one of these days.) But meanwhile, yeah…there’s someone new and he’s occupying an awful lot of my thoughts.

The D/s that we’re exploring the edges of comes very naturally – at least from where I sit. He said at the outset that it’s not a role he has played for a while, at least not in the way that I am used to, and wasn’t sure he wanted to, but ultimately decided that it is something he is willing to explore with me, to see where it goes. It is going very, very well, as far as I can tell. He is being cautious, and talks about not rushing in, and about doing things in a sustainable way; about managing the NRE that we are both pretty much awash in. Of course I am my usual diving-in-head-first, check-for-rocks-beneath-the-surface later kinda gal where my heart’s concerned. Yeah I could get my head (heart) smashed on the rocks, but damn that dive is glorious, isn’t it? And I can’t help but be me. If I feel a thing…

Well. There we are.

So anyway. Thought I’d share that little bit about this new part of my world, and also this collage I made, mostly to show off how long my hair is, and also because I feel…sexy and sensuous and desirable these days, and these images reflect those feelings. And I simply adore that Ad took the hair picture of me so that I could send it to K.

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