WFH Days Revived

I am sitting here in my dining room where I like to blog, cozy jammies and fuzzy llama socks on, a bowl of Lucky Charms in front of me, avoiding my office for the moment because it feels like I need some aftercare. Strange since I am alone. LOL

I have just had the most mind-blowing orgasms. (Edit: this “mind-blowing orgasms” thing will become a theme.) Three of them. In the middle of the day. In the middle of a work day.

Okay, I was technically on lunch, clocked-out, not on company time. But still.

Those of you that have been around here for awhile might recall my Work from Home Days with W. Days spent working at his house, often in chains or bondage of some sort, always in high heels, frequently in some sort of predicament. If I recall, WFH was usually just one day a week then. It gradually increased until I was WFH full-time for the last year I was at my previous job; when I moved to this job there was no WFH time, and I sorely missed it. Then W died, and even though I went full-time remote at the beginning of the pandemic, I had no one to play those kinds of games with me. Well, I won’t say it never happened…there was a short, intense period with V where we played with each other over text and Messenger during work hours, but (now that I think of it) that was almost never when I was WFH.

Seriously – I love having my Dom insert himself into my work days. I think that might have been a primary reason that I wanted to WFH at least one day a week way back when. And now – most magical of magical things – I have a Dominant who likes playing with me when I am WFH as much as I enjoy being played with! Our play is much more of the remote/instructions variety, as I don’t work with him or in his home like I did with W. But it’s no less exciting, and it’s just as often a day-long “scene,” even if he isn’t right here.

He feels “right here.” Oftentimes he is with his voice. Or I am there with pictures or video. Most times it is with instructions that he gives me and that I strive to obey to the letter.

Occasionally it is a small, directed act of correction.

Pinch yourself twice on each inner thigh…

But more often it is a set of instructions that build upon one another.

I like that peek of the bra. Pull your dress off your shoulders and show me the whole thing.
Wear something loose and modest.

This last was supposed to be our first play-at-the-office-play date, although at the time I didn’t know it. We’d played for the first time in my basement that night, and I was high and hazy from that, and the next morning all I knew were his instructions. So – although I got up late and realized I wouldn’t make it into the office, I still dressed as he had instructed.

This may have resulted in my panties behing on the desktop while I had one after the other unscheduled Zoom calls.

Take off your panties and put them on the desk where you can see them while you work.
No more than one layer of clothing covering any part of your body.
Insert the Lush and let me know when you have connected it to the app.
Touch yourself for me...
Cum for me.

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