Tree Hugger, Part Deux

Another hike, another tree, two big hands this time…but it’s not my butt I love in this image – it’s the thoughtful, amused way they are considering their handiwork that cracks me up. (And no, the handprints never really did pop. I’ve decided tree-hugging maybe needs to be a paddle affair in future lol.)

7 thoughts on “Tree Hugger, Part Deux

  1. I really like this image! I somehow felt like I was there with you all. And it IS a very attractive butt. Thanks for sharing your passion with us. I enjoyed looking.

  2. This is such a feel good image. I just get good vibes from it, like everyone involved is just having the best time.
    Love the way the leafy green outside contrasts against the skin as well. πŸ™‚

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