Dog Days / Blog Days

I have no idea if I have participated in the “Blogs Days of Summer” meme before, though the title is familiar so it’s possible I have.

Or maybe I just recall seeing it around the blogosphere, I dunno.

In any case, here I am giving it a go, because I am all about having a reason to try and blog daily (I mean more than just “because.”) I’m not going to get my panties in a twist if I don’t manage it, but, you know, it’d be nice to hit that 3x week task assignment, now wouldn’t it?

Speaking of that, I did not make that goal/complete that task last week. There were reasons…the Hypnotist and I spent a lot of (wonderful, blissful, sexy, hypnotic, kinky and even *gasp* “normal people”) time together, more than usual, this past week, so it was hard to squeeze in that one last blog post of the required three. BUT…better time management on my part in the beginning of the week is what was called for, so it was my responsibility to make sure it happened. And as a result…apparently I have a correction coming. I have no idea what form that might take. Aside from a couple thigh pinches we haven’t done this before, nor really discussed what that might look like. And I’m okay with that. I need consistency, and I want to be held accountable (and to hold myself accountable) and…course corrections are part of that. I’ll accept my just due (or “comeuppance,” as the Canadian often terms it) in good grace. I have no doubt that K will be fair in its meting out.

On a related topic, I’ve surprised myself at how much receiving his “good girl” has come to mean to me. I got up this AM to run – even though my bed was sooo comfy – because I wanted to read his “Good girl!” text to me. I made sure I got out the door on time the other day for the same reason. I had wondered before if it would feel patronizing on some level. But it hasn’t, and the good feeling I get only gets stronger as we go along. And then, hearing him say “there’s my girl,” or that I’m his girl? Squishies all over the place, from my head to my toes and all the special places in between. I am apparently becoming programmed.

(Haha, I know he will appreciate this – I was struggling for the word for what Pavlov did with his dogs (conditioned behavior) and put in “programmed” in the Thesaurus and it gave me “brainwashed.” Now there’s some warm, wet squishies.)

Anywaaaaay…watch this space. I hope to be around here a lot this August!

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