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I mentioned in this post that there was a story to go along with the photo, and had planned to share it right away, but then I found out that that Dendrophilia – Trees – was going to be an August Kink of the Week, so I decided to wait to tell the tale.

We had headed down to stay at a cabin south of here, in the Ozarks. There is a herd of wild horses in the Ozarks that I’ve been lucky enough to run across a couple of times before, and I wanted to show them, and the area, to K. We got started a bit late that day. The trail was supposed to be 6 miles, and it was dense woods with lots of shade, but the temperature was in the 90’s and it was really humid, so we had the trail to ourselves for the most part. In fact, we might not have seen another soul on the trail, at least until we got to the spring. I had worn a skirt to tease K, though I had been chicken to go without panties – I am not a big fan of insects in my girlie bits!

I don’t know if I have mentioned that K and I met in a hiking group. A kinky hiking group. No, the group didn’t get kinky while we hiked, but it was a great way to hang out with other kinksters and feel able to be open about who we were – and, occasionally, to steal a kinky moment or two here or there. Only a few weekends before, he and I had been hiking at the back of the group. This was before we were “out” to the group, so we were, you know, on the low down, teasing and flirting with each other on the sly. He kept teasing me, flustering me, making me pause and listen to him whisper ribald things into my ear – in particular a dirty story about fucking me up against a tree. It became a private joke between us, what that tree might be – an elm? A maple? Maybe a hemlock?

Turned out it was an oak. A couple miles into the hike in the Ozarks he pulled me just off the trail – he had found the right tree. Our tree. Pushing me up against it, he finger-fucked me right there in the woods, with the trees the only witnesses. Well, and maybe a squirrel and a bird or two. It was a delicious start to what turned out to be a lot longer hike than either of us anticipated (8.9 miles instead of the promised 6.)

So. Do I have a tree kink? I didn’t think so…but now I can’t help thinking of him pressing me into that tree, the feel of the bark, rough against my skin, his fingers buried deep in my cunt, his voice in my ear, “Cum for me, Jade.”

Maybe I do have a thing for trees after all.

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