Sometimes it happens this way:

My lips on his cock, his hand in my hair, and then…his fingertips on my forehead? Or maybe a hand stroking my shoulders or back, just so. And even as I am focusing on his cock, pulling him into my mouth, sucking on him, another part of me becomes hyperaware of him in another way: of his voice. Some inner me straining to hear, waiting to feel his voice in my head, following it as I drift down and down. Just a little ways. A settling, a sigh, a relaxing that is also so keenly focused on his voice, on his command, that it is almost as if the physical melts away into this gentle open waiting space where I am wide open and simply waiting to be.

But Little Sister (my cunt) wakes up. I feel a throbbing between my legs, a Pavlovian response to this space I fall into at his direction. Giving head has always elicited an excitement in me, made me wet, aching, so that I am almost as aroused as my partner and feel their build up right along with them. But this…this is that sensation on steroids.

Oh, wait, wait. Not yet…not until he connects the two: mouth and cunt.

I can never quite remember the exact words he uses. I both hear them and feel them, the first time quite clearly, but now…now more as a low hum inside my head, inside my body, a response that is as much an actual physiological response as it is…something other. I feel it settling into my body, this feeling he is commanding of me: my mouth and my cunt connected.

As I feel him in my mouth I feel him in my cunt.

I feel the deep wetness of my mouth, sliding over and around him, and my mouth is my cunt, my labia opening around him; the softness of my lips and lips parting, the slide of him inside me, in my mouth and in my cunt. I feel him swelling in my mouth and now I feel him in my cunt too, stroking me, pushing into me, my tongue the soft wet swollen flesh of my vagina, the walls pulsing around him, hot and slippery just as my mouth is.

I moan against his cock, his need my need. His breath comes quicker; a gasp, a moan. His hips thrust up against my mouth and he is thrusting into me between my legs, he is fucking my mouth and fucking my cunt as my mouth slides down the length of him. His hands are in my hair and on my head, urgent, demanding. My cunt is throbbing, tremors I can feel in my mouth. I ache to cum, as I know he does. And I feel that delicious moment when he pushes over into his orgasm. The explosion of breath, wordless words groaned, his hand holding me down as he empties himself down my throat and into my cunt, my eagerly waiting mouth-cunt.

3 thoughts on “Mouth-Cunt

  1. It always shocks me how my body responds to having a cock in my mouth. But when that person is my Sir and his voice is reverberating around, that is a whole ‘nother level of intensity. Great post

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