Alternate Reality

I had taken an alternate picture on Saturday for Sinful Sunday, but since it didn’t fit with the theme yesterday, I made one for that. However, I really liked the way this image happened, so I’ve decided to share it.

The Hypnotist and I had been bowling with the Kinky Bowlers and I sent the picture below to the Canadian – mostly because it showed my butt, lol.

He immediately came back with, “Whacks for the point spread?” I tossed that suggestion at K, who thought it was a splendid idea.

And so the first two games were fairly close, maybe 40 whacks for me. THEN came the third game, in which he bowled a 176, and I bowled for shit, which bumped up my whacks to (I think?) 187. ONE-HUNDRED-EIGHTY-SEVEN.

THEN (oh holy shit) I got the wise idea (that was sarcasm) to add to that total the next day (or maybe Friday) by bowling for whacks with both Adam AND the Hypnotist. And that was the night my head wasn’t in the game and my new ball and the gutter got to be good friends. The total is now 287. I don’t think I need to all-caps that.

So, I was facing 287 whacks from the guys the night before I was to come to Canada. Which – yay – but again my head wasn’t in it for various reasons and so I asked that we put off whacks until I got back.

Later, the next morning, I was a bit sorry I had not taken my whacks when I had the chance. “Maybe you could hit me with your belt before I go?” K said yes, he could. But then I forgot all about it as I did last-minute packing and showering and such. But THEN…

There I was, about to get dressed, and K shakes his head as I go to move past him. Grabbing my arm he spins me around and pushes me over the end of the bed. (Be still my submissive heart.) And then he pulls his belt out of his belt loops with that distinctive sound, and I remember what I had forgotten.

He had not. And I got a happy, red bum.

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