The Sea She is a Stern Mistress

Sitting outside on the deck of our AirBnB in Cabo San Lucas, eating a dinner of homemade steak fajitas with sauteed peppers, mushrooms and onions wrapped in fresh, handmade corn tortillas, I realized I needed to get another post in yet this week (actually two). Or, maybe, the D-type man in my life (K, aka the Hypnotist) might have reminded me. So here I am.

But seriously, all I have to say right now is…

“I’m happy. H-a-a-a-a-a-a-p-y.” And then c&p that about 20-30 times.

That’s not very interesting, I know. And I plan to make it more interesting by writing a lot more, but I’m three tequilas and a lot of good food and a lot of sun and a lot of walking up and down hills in, and I just don’t have the bandwidth right now. So here’s a picture of my pussy, vajazzled by the sea. I took the sea and the waves on, and I won, but she left a little of herself behind just to let me know that she let me win.

More later, when I have more brain with which to think.

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