Happy 600th!

I’m not sure what other meme can make the claim to have been around, uninterrupted, and with as much popularity, as Molly’s Sinful Sunday meme. Week after week she has hosted the meme that’s “All about the image,” and every week we join her and the other participants and readers in celebrating sexy, erotic imagery. And she’s been doing it for almost 12 years!

For the meme’s 600th anniversary, I felt I should help Molly celebrate in the best way I know how: I took 600 whacks – all for Sinful Sunday.

The whacks were accumulated as points accrued all week while the Hypnotist and I vacationed in sunny Cabo San Lucas in Baja California Sur. We played cribbage and Phase 10 all week, keeping score as we went along, until I had accrued 600 points for whacks. It actually turned out to be 138 over – but K didn’t let them go to waste.

We had 6 implements with us: a crop, a cane, his belt, a rubber flogger, a slapping stick and a dragon tail, so it worked out perfectly to 100 each – to which he added a warm-up of the 138 extras with his hand. He’s caring that way.

Happy 600th, Sinful Sunday!

Sinful Sunday

4 thoughts on “Happy 600th!

  1. Oh my goodness now I am sitting here wondering why I didn’t think of it and imaging the marks that might have resulted if I had……

    Thank you for joining in this week and celebrating 600 weeks of Sinful Sunday with me. I think you are one of the few bloggers who was around when I started it and is still around today


  2. Oh, my. That is spectacularly hot and squirmy, and such an amazing accomplishment. Intensely spectacular and spectacularly supportive! That must have been incredible to experience.


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