Home Again

We got home from our travels late Sunday night. Adam picked us up from the airport. (Have I mentioned what a wonderful poly partner he is? I have been accused in the past of mentioning this fact as a passive-aggressive swipe at a (not-then-but-now) ex-metamour, and I can own up to the possibility. But I have no one to swipe at now, and the fact remains – swiping or not – he is a wonderful poly partner and (I assume) a wonderful metamour.) In any case, it was a wonderful trip, but somewhere along the line I had caught a bit of congestion. Not Covid, thank goodness, but still miserable to fly with, and by the time I got home my ears hurt and my head hurt and my throat hurt and I ended up dosing myself all day and night with cold medicine for two days just to function. At around day three I drug myself into a hot bath and messaged K that I was alive and probably going to remain that way, but that I wasn’t fit to look at in the bath. I promptly went back on that statement (because I felt bad for him, not getting a Jade-in-the-bath pic) and sent him this. Upon review I thought hey, being sick obviously agrees with me – this needs to go on the blog on a Boobday! So there you are and here it is. ๐Ÿ˜€

A woman with long hair in a bath, naked.
Boob Day

4 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. What a great thought process behind the picture. I’m glad you changed your mind for k (and that we get to enjoy your bathtime too.)

    I hope you’re getting back to deleting tip top! N xx

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