Comeuppance in Canadia

Of course I know it’s C-A-N-A-D-A. But I’ve taken to calling it Canadia and it’s sort of stuck.

The Canadian calls any points (i.e. smacks) I garner, via games we or the others play with me, and that he then a takes out on my hide, my “comeuppances.” It’s a pretty cute way to refer to funishment, and in that way divorces it completely from real punishment, a thing he and I have never done.

Tho, truth to tell, I’m pretty awful at play-acting funishment too: at some point in the evening that I’m going to tell you about, he started teasing me about dressing up slutty just to distract him from my comeuppance, and I hastened to assure him that no, I wasn’t trying to get out of it —

— and he just laughed and shook his head. “You can’t even pretend to be disobedient, can you?”

Ha – apparently not.

So it was that I got myself dressed up and ready to take my “comeuppance.” The accumulation of those whacks had been pretty fun. Some time before, the Canadian had suggested to the Hypnotist (through text with me) that they (K and Adam) keep track of their bowling scores and then figure out the difference between mine and theirs, thus producing a number of whacks that they could give me. That had happened (read about it here.) So, out of fair play, when I went to Canadia to see the Canadian (M) K suggested that we keep track of our Sequence scores (a board game I am currently obsessed with) to do same. We did, and I would up with the following whacks. M very kindly allowed me to pick which implement for which number for half of the totals.

I took them in two “installments”…

Installment One:

And Two…

I feel like I was a trooper here. But apparently there was more whacking to be done, and we ended up in his car in a parking lot outside a movie theater.

Do these thighs look sad? They are not. And I got to travel all the way home with them. I’m gonna call it a win/win.

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