Aloha from Hawaii

It’s true, I’m traveling again. At the moment I am recovering from a full day of flying yesterday and broken, not-sleep sleep, a 4-hour time difference and spicy Korean food just before bed last night that contributed to that poor sleeping situation, by laying in bed naked and typing to y’all out there on the internets. Adam is on the tiny hotel balcony drinking coffee and reading a book. When I’m done here we’re going to walk to a breakfast place we read about here in Waikiki, and later hike up Diamondhead Crater. I’m hoping to have rebounded from my lack of sleep by then.

It’s cool and misty here on Oahu, and I have yet to see/splash about in the ocean, but we did walk around Waikiki a little last night after we had dinner. It’s funny how alike cities are – at least American ones, which, in spite of being on a tropical island, this one obviously is. I (weirdly) miss the foreignness of Mexican cities. I haven’t decided if I like it here yet – but then I haven’t had time to experience it yet.

In the meantime, here’s more of the fun I had with the Hypnotist that lovely weekend in Tennessee. We parked Van Morrison at a private campground and Sunday morning took the opportunity to get me naked out in the sun so we could score “campground” for the Scavenger Hunt. Enjoy! (We did.)

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