Rethinking Crops

I’ll be honest, crops are not my immediate go-to when I think about implements that I love, or love-to-hate, or crave. I think they get a little outshined by their showier cousin, the cane. That said, I discovered that the lowly crop is not so lowly, and can even inspire an “Okay, enough for now!” from me. That may have been the result of both Guys going at me at once, rather enthusiastically, after a good bit of time away from such things while I was in Hawaii, but still. The crops they used delivered.

The scene was this: sometime prior to going on vacation, M (my Canadian play partner) had joked with my Sir about playing “Bowling for Whacks.” I think I mentioned it somewhere here on the blog already. Basically, whatever the point spread was between me and K, or me and K and me and Ad in a bowling game, was how many whacks I’d get (to be delivered at some later date.) That morphed into “Cribbage for Whacks” and then “Pass the Pigs for Whacks” and even “Sequence for Whacks.” And all those totals went into a Note I keep on my phone (because heaven forbid I should miss out on any well-earned whackage!)

Normally, these whacks would be doled out before the number got too high, say, before or around 300 at most. But time got away from us all, and before I knew it, Ad and I were flying to Honolulu and the Whack Board stood at 339.

Then the Volcano Con happened (we play a “tournament” of the various games we play wherever we go.) And Ad and I played a LOT of games over those 10 days or so. 681 whacks worth! Which brought my total up to 1020. Then Adam gave me 130 whacks with the new whacking – I mean kitchen – implement that he bought in a grocery store on Oahu. It was too pretty to pass up, and he was quite eager to give it a try.

Which all led to one last wank in Hawaii and a quite sexy video sent to Sir. But that’s another story. Heh.

But okay, now I was “down” to 890 whacks. But then, when I got back, K and I went bowling again – and 209 more whacks were accrued. And we were back up to 1099!!

Seriously, holy shit. It was at this stage that I decided to ask for a little clemency – only count points for whacks IF I LOSE – and could we pretty please take off some of them, preferably in batches, soon?

So it was, on a Sunday afternoon after we’d all been to a movie, that the Guys took crops to my ass (100 whacks worth) and my thighs (another 100.) And I actually begged off more. Granted, I had hurt my back over the long holiday, and was not physically 100%…but still. I may have to rethink my “eh, crops are no big deal,” stance.

One thought on “Rethinking Crops

  1. I’m with you, I always default to canes over crops they feel so much nicer. As for that kitchen implement, I need one. Which could make it a very expensive kitchen implement!

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