Basketball Star

This weekend we took the van out for a trial to see how it fared in the winter temperatures. Van Morrison is not entirely kitted out for winter camping, at least not at the temperatures we experienced last night (it was 15 degrees when we woke up this morning.)

In spite of that, we were snug and warm in the blankets. Probably my favorite part was that we spooned all night for warmth, which was heavenly. I’m definitely on Team Snuggle-Hard when it comes to my preferred sleeping arrangements. Having his arm, heavy and warm, around my waist all night was lovely.

In the morning we got up to hike as part of my personal challenge to hike every Missouri State Park in the next 24 months (there are 56 parks.) This trip we got three parks. And – wait for it – two Scavenger Hunts!

The first was totally unexpected. The park we were parked at had a campground, but it was closed. There were a couple of people on the trails, but as we got ready to leave, K pointed out that the campground had a basketball court.

“Hmmm…think we can get to it, even though the campground is closed?”

We could. And that’s how I ended up naked under his coat, wearing his hat and scarf, on a basketball court in the middle of the morning in 25 degree weather.

6 thoughts on “Basketball Star

  1. Brilliant! And I love your challenge to hike all state parks in Missouri, that sounds like an amazing series of adventures. Also I am totally with on team spooning


  2. Amazing! I think your grin in the last one where you’re just wearing the hat and scarf just makes this set of images perfect!

    And you have 10 locations now so have made it up to Gold!

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