Picnicking in December

I am no lover of the cold. And yet it seems I frequently find myself out in it, walking, hiking – and being naked. Or partially so.

This flash was acquired on my last Van Morrison adventure with K, when I’d scored “Basketball Court” in the Scavenger Hunt. It was also part of my hiking challenge to hike the 50-odd Missouri State Parks in 24 months. This was at a different state park called Finger Lakes, that was mostly just a series of finger lakes (go figure) with no real hiking trails. It had a “water trail” (something I’d never heard of) and a biking trail (that I assume you could hike if you were of a mind to.) We weren’t (mostly because we didn’t see the trailhead until we were on our way out), and just kind of poked around the lake and called it good.

What we did find, though, was a perfect spot to score another Scavenger Hunt, though: a just-secluded-enough picnic table.

Turned out it wasn’t quite as secluded as I thought, because just as I started to strip K waved me to stop and we waited as a truck passed by just off to my right where a small road hugged the lake. But as soon as it was gone I managed to shed my many layers and he snapped the pic. I didn’t even consider losing my bottoms or my hat in the 30 degree weather though!

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