January Wrap-Up & New Challenge

Today is the first of February, which begins Molly’s yearly February Photofest blogging challenge. I say “challenge,” but that sounds too aggressive – really it is an invitation to join her in posting to our blogs daily – in this case, one photo per day. She’s been doing it for years, and for many of them, I have joined her, as I will this year.

But enough of that for the moment, first I want to wrap up January Jumpstart, Violet Fawkes’ daily blogging challenge that I participated in.

I managed 17 posts for the month. I didn’t post daily, as I had hoped to, but certainly more than my usual requirement of 3x per week (12 total per month). And even if I wasn’t actually posting anything, I was writing almost daily, which I am really happy about. I enjoyed the challenge without letting it overwhelm me, or get me down when I didn’t actually post something every day. It usually takes me 2-3 days to write and edit a post, so that number put me at a good, reasonable pace. If you’d like to catch up on what I did post, click here: January Jumpstart.


Now, onto Day 1 of February Photofest! For this year, I have asked my Canadian play partner M to send me a daily prompt for the image. It can be as intricate or as simple as he likes; an instruction to do something; an adjective, like a color or a feeling; an object or a place – anything he can dream up. It is up to me to interpret it how I want, hopefully with a sexy slant, though I can’t guarantee that. Some days I might explain a bit about the image or my thought process or maybe what was going on, others I might just post the image and prompt. He’s overwintering in Spain right now, and I am unable to join him for any length of time as we have done the past couple of years, so it pleases me that we can do this together. I hope he will enjoy what I come up with!

Today’s prompt: Reflections

I got this beautiful buttplug while The Hypnotist and I were camping over the weekend. I have this thing that if I go to a new city or place for more than a night or so, I have to stop at the local sex shop and buy a new toy. It’s my own version of souvenir shopping. I got this as part of that, at K’s suggestion. I did say though, “If I buy it, will you make me wear it?” Because I just won’t do it on my own. He said yes, and Monday afternoon he told me to wear it while I worked. It was surprisingly comfortable – but more than that, it’s beautiful.

I knew it was going to be featured in my first February Photofest post (this was before I had the idea of asking for a daily prompt.) When M said the first prompt was reflections, well, I was off and running.

I tried several different locations, trying to get a pretty reflection in the glass, but I’m no photographer, and I wasn’t coming up with anything I liked. Then I happened to set it down on the top of the chest I have at the foot of my bed, and saw the rose reflected back. I took a snap, and saw then the reflections in the glass, and of the necklace holder, and I was smitten. A few adjustments later, and I had my first photo of the month!

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