February Photofest, Day 3: Chain

It’s not Thursday, and these aren’t actually “throwback” photos in the truest sense of the phrase, because they never appeared here on the blog (or in Fetlife), but they are throwbacks to days gone by.

The Hypnotist got a gleam in his eye when I told him what the prompt was, and he set about to find the lovely set of clover clamps joined by a chain that he has. When he couldn’t locate those, I looked for my alligator clips, also on a chain. I was quite excited by the idea of using them – or having them used on me – for a picture. Of course I would have been whining and dreading them coming off as soon as they were applied, but that’s just how it works, sometimes, isn’t it?

Anyway. Neither outcome was to be, as we couldn’t find either set. And I don’t happen to have any other chain, that I can think of. Well, except necklace chain. Oh, and a very unique ball-and-chain flogger I got at IML one year in Chicago…

Okay, never mind that, what’s done is done and I am posting the following images from a few of the times I’ve been in chains – or they had been in me – since I couldn’t take a picture of chains today. See, W was really into chain. Chains to chain me to the desk or the floor or a wall, chains to hold me down, chains between my wrists or around my neck or to hobble me. He made me sleep in them and work in them. He gagged me with them. He even, one memorable evening, stuffed me full of a length of chain and took me to the movies with it stuffed up inside me, after having fucked me with it inside.

And he claimed not to be a masochist. LoL

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