February Photofest, Day 11: Earth

Sooooo yeah, I’m a little behind. Work was worky and my opportunities to do photos were limited to none during the days, then nights were fitness classes, dinners with K, my son, his daughters, Adam and the D &D crew, bowling night, gaming night and date night… Wed-Thurs-Fri’s are busy! So here I am playing catch up.

The Canadian gave me a great prompt tho: earth. He also clarified what he meant by it (the ground, dirt, what we walk on, what plants grow in) so as not to run into any (perfectly understandable!) misinterpretations.

Of course when I heard “earth” I thought “dirty.” I mean, how could I not – I do believe “Dirty Girl” is my middle name.

The Hypnotist chose to illustrate it quite lierally.

Dirty Jade

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