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I wasn’t planning to write for this KOTW topic, because I don’t actually have a kink for my vagina per se, but I was perusing some pics on my Fetlife profile yesterday and ran across some of mine when I had all my piercings in. Combine that with the fact that my friend Toy, who is a piercer, has recently taken a job at a studio very near my house, and I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about my lovely cunt and her piercings again.

At her most decorated, Lil Sister (as I affectionately call her) had 10, 10-gauge inner labia piercings, a vertical clit hood piercing, and a fourchette piercing. Although the fourchette was the least “useful” – couldn’t use it to tie things to, like ribbons or bells or weights, or to tie me closed, or to increase my own pleasure or to torture me with – my fourchette piercing was always my favorite.

There it is, peeking out at the top – actually the bottom! Oh, and the rest of my heavily-adorned labia, when I had capture beads in all the rings.

I had gotten my VCH when I was married. A friend wanted to do hers, and I went with her and decided to surprise my ex with a hood piercing. Then when I started seeing W, years later, I surprised him with my first set of labia piercings, because he had a serious piercing fetish.

Obviously, this surprise piercing thing was a thing, lol.

The first set.

But once I had the two piercings, I liked them so much that I kept getting more, until I ended up with ten labia piercings.

Ten at 10-gauge – some serious hardware, W always said.

But though he liked them with heavier, more industrial, hardware, I preferred them decorated with capture beads – I wanted my pussy to be pretty.

But even when it was pretty he liked to fuck my pussy up.

The least objectionable: closing me up with the rings themselves.

Still, he liked to do a lot of other more painful things besides, and his preference was always heavy, brutal steel in my cuntlips that he could then use to tie me open, to stretch me out, to torture me with.

I loved that I had this wonderful toy for him to play with, but I can’t say everything he did was enjoyable – the enjoyment came in being the center of his attention, and that he so loved to have all that steel in my cunt.

But that was then – what about now?

Well, when he died I removed a lot of them. Not because I didn’t like them, but because – of course – they reminded me too much of him. But the fact of the matter was – although I had gotten the first set for him – I had really gotten them because I wanted them. Maybe not in the heavy titanium 10-gauge – that really was for him – but I loved my piercings. So, as soon as I was able to handle it emotionally, I went back in and got 3 sets of them, and the fourchette, re-installed. (I never did get the hood piercing back, I’m not sure why.)

At the time, I was Viper’s kitty, and though he didn’t have a fetish for piercings as such, I do think he liked having a submissive who was notorious for her piercings, so it suited us both.

Fast forward another 7 years, and I was once again alone, and – frankly – I thought maybe I would not have another BDSM partner. The extra piercings seemed extraneous. Or maybe they symbolized a future that felt so out of reach I despaired. I took most of them out.

But not all. I couldn’t do that, I didn’t want to do that. I loved my piercings and I loved my cunt being adorned with them.

There may only be two, but they’re part of me.

So, this is where I am now. Loving my cunt with her two little capture beads. But…maybe I want more. Maybe I want my fourchette back. Maybe even my VCH? Maybe a couple more sets of beads…

I asked The Hypnotist awhile back if asking permission for body modifications could be a part of our D/s, and he agreed. I’ve already brought up getting my piercings back, and he has approved, so I’m set up if I want to.

The question is: will I or won’t I?

4 thoughts on “My Girlie Bits

  1. Oh wow! I’m so pleased you did write for this because it was a really interesting read. I’ve only ever had one genital piercing and that was the Christina and you know what I loved it, but took it out when I started doing rope work and had a rigger who was fond of crotch rope and I went rope over piercing (I actually regret this but hey ho). Your images are gorgeous too and I’m so pleased you found your way back to having some decoration, they look very pretty indeed 🙂

  2. Your piercings are so beautiful and useful! I am envious and would love them so I could be locked away. Sadly it isn’t something that will happen but the idea is hooooooot!

  3. Wow, thank you so much for sharing all about Lil Sister and her piercings. I especially love the brutal, heavy steel image, and can totally understand the reasoning behind removing them. And the lure behind having them replaced. I look forward to hearing if you take up your permissions to have them reinstated.

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