February Photofest, Day 20: Fire, or, a Game in Four Quarters (and a lot of parentheses!)

First Quarter – The Bar
The weekend before last there was this national holiday that we have over here in the States every year. You may have heard of it: The Superbowl. (Or is it Super Bowl.) Anyway, whatever it’s called, it’s a big-ass football game that the whole of the US goes batshit crazy about (in case you are not aware.) (I’m curious if folks outside the US pay any attention to it, actually.) I’ve never paid any mind to it because it’s a PROFESSIONAL SPORT and I don’t care about sports.

This year was a bit different.

This year Adam and The Hypnotist put their toppy heads together and made a much better game of the whole thing (at least for me.) Suddenly it wasn’t about touchdowns and field goals and sacking the quarterback. I mean, it was still about those things, but only inasmuch as those things translated into points – points on MY scorecard, which was also a whackboard, ala my Bowling and Cribbage Whackboard (which whackboard is now up to 1400 whacks, btw.) I did get to have about 270 of them worked off recently, along with the total from the Superbowl Whackboard, the results of which contributed to the last February Photofest picture I posted, Pink.

Anyway, this is how it looked on paper:

It was all a bit complicated for me, and in fact was too much so for me to reconstruct even now, even with all the notes…but it kept me watching the game much more closely than I ever have before. I had stakes in the game! It was also fun being only 1 of 3 others on the Eagles’ side in a bar full of people that were rooting for the Chiefs. I was standing up shouting and clapping as loud as any regular sporto, though I’m pretty sure not for the same reasons.

Second Quarter – The Bowling Alley
We had decided early in the evening to go bowling at some point in the evening. So at halftime we left the bar and headed over to the bowling alley. We knew the game would be on the big screen, so we bowled and watched the end of the game in the (understandably empty) bowling alley. It was fun! (Maybe you had to be there.) And the game did end up being really exciting – I might even say SUPER exciting. (Even if my team ultimately lost.)

And then, as we left, I got the opportunity to take my picture for the “fire” prompt, right there in the bar of the bowling alley next to an indoor firepit while the guys went to the restroom! (I’m going to submit it to subBee to see if it can be another Scavenger Hunt location.) At the very least, though, it satisfied The Canadian’s prompt, completing “Earth, Wind & Fire.” Even if “Earth” was potting soil and “Wind” was being wound up. LOL

Third Quarter – Back Home
This was the best part of the game! I put the Eagles on the speaker (the band, not the team, and, with The Hypnotist’s help, why I had chosen the Philadelphia Eagles as “my” team in the first place [Me: I can’t decide! Him: Do you like Glenn Fry? Me: I love the Eagles! {I can’t believe I knew who Glenn Fry is} Him: There’s your answer.]), we laid out instruments of destruction, and I stripped down, preparing for the whacking to begin. There was a point at which I questioned how something with the scorekeeping/meting out of the whacks was going to work, and The Hypnotist gave me this look (that I am beginning to know well) and said, “That’s not something you need to worry about, is it?” If he’d inserted “…your pretty little head…” in there it would not have been out of place with his look and tone. And yes, it made my pussy *squish*. I turned around obediently and the whacking commenced. But just as I was really getting into a good place…

The phone rang. It was my parents’ assisted living facility.

Fourth Quarter – The Hospital
I’m not going to keep y’all in suspense: it turned out okay. My mom is back home and fine. But at the time it was scary – and a horrible way to end the evening. But it had been a wonderfully fun evening before that moment, and I had planned to share it all here, but you know, life intervened and got a little busy with hospital visits and taking care of the situation, and then when that all died down life got busy with just regular life stuff and a migraine and the guys both got sick and then suddenly it was tonight, and…well, here I am! And here is my February the 20th Photofest post.

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