February Photofest, Day 22: An Extra Black

I already posted a fun image for The Canadian’s “black” prompt yesterday, but, unrelated to February Photofest, I took this picture the other day and really liked it – probably because of the context. So I thought I’d add it to the prompt today.

Sir (The Hypnotist, aka K) and I are coming into (I think?) 11 or so months of dating (I never know when to declare the official date, since we had a first date way back in March, then went some six weeks before we saw each other again. But whenever I think of when we started to be “us” – even though I was just meeting him to suss out whether or not we might make good play partners – I think of that first date. So…? We’ve discussed it but maybe we need to again. I’m such a stickler for coloring inside the lines – or maybe for having lines to color inside!)

Wow, that was a digression… What the point is is that our D/s has been developing all this time. In the past months we have created a system that is uniquely us, and I think is working well. Although I was in (and liked) a rules-and-consequences style of D/s in my last relationship, and have played with it in other D/s relationships, that is not something that he has sought out before, so it took some negotiation and trial for us to find a happy medium. It’s still a work-in-progress…but I believe, in some ways, all relationships are. It’s how we grow and evolve.

Recently I realized though, that I need more structure. I have some rules, but I needed something more. OTOH, he doesn’t want the added the responsibility of having to follow-up on rules. So I pondered it a bit, and I thought about the things that I know he likes from me. He likes to pick my clothing at times, but having to do that daily would be a chore. However he does like when I send him an “outfit picture” of what I’m wearing each day – and I like to do so too. It’s part of my kink – I’m not sure what to call it – but it’s about being “seen” – I want him to want to know what his Jade looks like, what she’s wearing, wear she’s going, what she’s doing. Like…being tracked. Because I am his and he has a right to know these things about me. I *think* that he actually does like to know these things, but he is loathe to require this from me. So…I came up with a compromise.

“What if we called these requirements ‘expectations,'” I said. “Not rules with consequences, but expectations of my behavior. I could keep track of them in the Obedience app,” (yes there is actually an app for that – lol), “which will give me a sense of accountability, and you can track it – or not – as suits you.”

And that is what we did. I now have a “Daily Outfit Pic” expectation. This pic was one of those. (I’ve got a couple others too, but that is for another post.)

What I like about this picture is that I deliberately wore something (that I thought) was sexy that day for him (most of my pics are just me in leggings and a sweatshirt or whatever I am working in.) I haven’t had too many opportunities to wear a sexy dress lately, but I wanted to. So I wore it on a work day that I wasn’t supposed to have any video calls. Annnnd … of course I did. Three unscheduled meetings in a row! I put a sweater on, but – as you can see – Lil Sister was peeking out the whole time. So of course I had to send a snap to Sir!

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