An Oldie But a Goody

When I saw this month’s prompt for Sinful Sunday, “Vintage,” I didn’t really have any ideas. The notion of “vintage” seemed more than just slapping a filter on a rando photo, which is what I would do if I was to try and create one. I felt like it should be subject matter, as well, and I didn’t have the opportunity or time to put anything suitable together.

Then I was talking with K while we were en route to camping this weekend, and I was telling him about a house sit I had done in Pennsylvania when W was alive, and I remembered a set of photos I had done for him involving upskirts, a favorite image of his.

Besides being literally “vintage” in that it is “vintage Jade,” it also has an old-time feel to me, with the polka dots, fishnets and skyscraper heels. Slap a silver tone filter and a little vignette, and there you go.

This also fulfills another of The Canadian’s prompts for this past February Photofest: Stairs.

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