A Stretch

When I saw the topic of this week’s Revelations, “Stretch,” I knew there were so many ways that I could write the post. I even have an older draft post titled “Stretch” that I wrote some time ago. That post was all about stretching myself physically to begin a new exercise regimen – which, I am thrilled to say, I am in my third month of. Last week I was out due to the recurrent/chronic back issue I suffer from, but I am back at the gym this week and feeling like quite the beast. Add to that the fact that I am getting up in the morning to work out before work, and, well, yes, it’s a stretch, but it is one I am accomplishing.

Go me!

Then I saw this past week’s Kink of the Week topic, “Cuckqueening,” and I thought, “Oho, here could be a good combination of the two meme!” I find some specific aspects of cuckqueening super fucking hot (in theory) but also challenging (in reality.) A stretch, if you will. (Please, if you want to read a really good blog post on the topic (with some hot fantasy thrown in) that echoes so many of my own feelings about it, go read Molly’s post Cuckqueening Times.) This kind of play hasn’t happened recently, but early on K asked me if I would be into a particular type of cuckqueening scenario, and I have written several times about listening to/being present while my partner/s fucked someone else, and have even published a piece of erotica on the topic taken from my real life experience. So writing an entire blog post based on those thoughts/fantasies would not have been much of a … stretch. (See what I did there?)

BUT…come to today, and to my current squishy feelings…and I feel like I want to take this in an entirely different direction. An admittedly salacious one. (I know, a shock, right?)

I had actually been hoping to explore the topic a bit in the flesh, up close and personal, tonight, after a hypnosis group meetup that K and I are going to, but it turns out that we won’t be coming back to my place, where such things can happen, after all. So I’m stuck with fantasy for the moment.

Or, possibly, taking things into my own hands…? At lunch, maybe? Or, gosh, wait, right NOW. Because the thoughts in my head are waking Lil Sister up and that squishiness is growing in intensity…

Several hours later…

Okay, it’s noon now. I did not get the opportunity to play before work. I am supposed to ask for permission to cum for Sir (or, indeed, to touch myself), and unfortunately it was not forthcoming in time for me to do the dirty deed and get ready for work. But hey, I work from home, so…lunchtime, here I come! Or cum…

For comparison: the littlest one is my current favorite glass toy, the purple glass is a more “normal” size, and the realistic dildo is my favorite large-but-not-insanely-huge toy. I adore Eleven, who is large, but most of his “stretch” is about the heft of the steel. And Big Red and Bam? They speak for themselves.

I’m not a size queen. Usually. I don’t always want to be stretched. Or even filled. A lot of times a finger or two, or a smaller curved toy with just the right angle, is more than enough, and what I generally use if I am playing solo. When I am with K, his fingers usually satisfy this need in me, though oftentimes he pushes me to orgasm only with his words. (Hypnosis is fun.) But every so often, I do want to feel full, and sometimes even more, stretched, filled to where I can barely take it, or sometimes can’t fully take it. To where it is almost painful. Sometimes to where it is painful.

So this morning I had asked permission, and gotten it – with the directive to “Show me how you’re stretching yourself.”

My afternoon just got a whole lot more interesting.

We use Marco Polo to communicate via video sometimes, and as I laid out my toys (the dildos, above – I had also considered the buttplugs in the other photo, but that will have to be for another, more adventurous time) I decided that this would be a really good use for a Polo to him. So I set up my camera and turned the video on, and demonstrated using each of the toys to him, sliding them in and out of my cunt, filling myself with each one before moving on to the next. But by the time I got to Eleven, I was needy and aching for an orgasm. And…I might have hurried a bit through Red and Bam, not getting Red in very deep, and Bam not at all. I mean, I tried. Sort of. But my cunt had taken over and I did an admittedly poor job, focusing on one thing: getting to that orgasm! Which I did, with Eleven, and sent him a very satisfied after-picture.

He latched on right away to the fact that I hadn’t really given Red a proper chance, and that I’d let Lil Sister call the shots. “Maybe you need to teach her a lesson by making her take the red one before you see me again tonight,” he said. And then added, “Minus the maybe.” In case there was any doubt in my mind.

Let me just interject here that I love when this man is dominant. I mean, we have a pretty solid D/s underpinning to our relationship. It is quietly there in the background all the time. But sometimes it is more in the foreground, too, and the last few days it has been. He has corrected my behavior, played the subtle mind games that he does, set me in my place, directed me to fetch and serve for him, pushed his IQ kink, fucked with my body and my mind, and just been very upfront in his dominance. He isn’t loud or overbearing, and never domineering, just quietly confident, in control and commanding. And my body and my mind have responded, joyfully. And with a squishy wet cunt and a lot of gasps and panting and pleading and “yes Sirs,” along with a happy subbie glow. This was no different. And yes, I accommodated Big Red. And had another – painful but thoroughly satisfying – orgasm.

Although I had not started this blog post or this day with the desire to actually stretch myself to accommodate Big Red, in the end, I did. For him. Because he said to.

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