The April A to Z Challenge is Here Again

I don’t know why this always sneaks up on me. I think about it and look forward to it throughout the year, but then as March does its Marchy thing (always a tough month for me) the Challenge fades in my mind, and here we are. Starting late again. If I’d been keeping up with email I’d probably have realized it was here too, but that also has not happened, so.

In years past I have had an overarching theme for the challenge – well, maybe it’s “under”arching, because of course the overarching theme is the alphabet – but I am struggling to come up with one right now. Maybe I’ll throw the theme out the window and fly by the seat of my pants?? That would be a new experience for planning-obsessed Jade.

Anyway. If I remember correctly, Sunday’s are days off, so today we would be the letter C. Let me give some thought to that (and to this whole process) and I’ll (hopefully) be back with a plan.

Or maybe just a pair of pants.

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