More Alphabet Soup

Yeah, it’s May, but I’m determined to finish this list, so here we go.

My Q list is more of just a list of words I like the sound of, rather than specific favorite things, because there are not a lot of my favorite things that start with Q. So, in no particular order, here they are:

Q is for…

Quixotic. Quotidian. Quizzical (not quiz though.) Quintessential. Querulous. Quintessence. Quiescent (I love the feel of this word, just like its meaning.) Quesadilla (ok this is a favorite thing.) Quiver. Quaver. Quake. Quicksilver. Quixotisms. Quirky. Quandary. Quetzal. Quark. Quack. Quartz. Quiche (another food favorite.) Queered (I love that you can be queer, be a queer and also queer something – and it all means something wonderful, to be or do something other than the norm.) Quarry – being. Quarry the big hole in the ground not so much. Quahog. I don’t like clams, and this doesn’t sound like it should be food at all, but that it IS food, and that that food is a clam?? Delightful. Queue – the silliest spelling of any word ever. And lastly, the brutal horsewhip turned fearful toy.

R is for …

  • Ritual. And rituals.
  • Rough sex.
  • Refitism. Okay I didn’t realize that shoe fetishism actually had an official name, but it does. I don’t have an actual shoe fetish, and I’m not sure W even did, as a clinical fetish means needing that object to achieve sexual gratification. But I love them, and W obviously did. When I think of all the shoes I lost – that whole room of shelves he built for all my shoes (96 pairs of heels, including boots, at last count) that I lost when I lost him…it was a whole other dimension of heartbreak.

    As I was doing some reading about this, I ran across this blog post and in it they mention footbinding, and how it was the very helplessness that it caused that was a large part of its allure. W used to joke that he liked heels because they made the woman helpless: she “can’t run away.” In reality I pride myself on being able to run in my heels, but I do understand the eroticism in that notion. Helplessness is a huge turn-on for me, too. And getting off on the sexism and misogyny of that feels transgressive, and is surely one of its draws as well.

    (Alright – I had to do a search here on the blog for posts about W, me, and shoes, just because. I forgot, for a moment, that none of the old pics will render because of blog silliness, but honestly, the words in this post will show you exactly what I mean: Date Night, with Shoes. Go on and read it, it’s fun and won’t take too much time.)
  • Rope Play. I debated adding rope play/bondage to this list. It was such an integral part of my kink life with W, I can’t think of him without thinking about being tied in some way; of being in bondage. It just was: I arrived, and I was in some kind of bondage, even for vanilla things, most often rope. Then with Viper it was less a center point of our kink, but very much a type of play that we both enjoyed (“enjoyed” again used loosely as a descriptor. It was brutal and possibly some of the most sadistic play we did.) Now…K asked if I’d like him to learn/do some rope play with me once, and I hesitated. I feel conflicted. Maybe I will explore that conflict in more detail later. But to be honest, I do have a super hot fantasy that involves rope play, if we were playing out fantasies. So…I don’t know. Maybe? Okay, yes.

And that’s it for now. S T U & V to come. Oh, and the rest of the alphabet too. LoL

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