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I was pretty proud of myself for managing to post my last missive. I was in a rush before K and I set off on our next adventure, but I wanted to get that one in, and assumed I’d be able to post one more Saturday, to make my three for the week. Orrrr…maybe that would only have been two. Ugh. Unfortunately even that didn’t happen, and I think I am in arrears by quite a lot, and probably have a punishment (consequence?) coming. 🙁 So, I am here to try and catch up for this week at least, since I have quite a bit of time on my hands because of a back injury. Unfortunately sitting up for long periods is one of the things that aggravates my injury, so…

Eh, it’s a crapshoot. BUT, here I am!

So. I posted last on Friday, before Sir and I went on another voyage into the unknown. Okay, not truly unknown, but it was somewhere neither of us have been, doing an activity we hadn’t done together. It was meant to be another Van Morrison trip, one in our “Spring Trial” series, but the van’s electrical issues means that it looks like there will be no spring outings for it. Hopefully all will be worked out by summer, and we’ll have some summer vanning to work the kinks out of.

Until then, we are tent camping.

Which had some challenges, this time. Such as not an ideal camping spot for a tent, an airbed with holes, the lack of a fan to move around the stifling hot air in a tent that sat directly in the sun, and shower facilities that neither of us was willing to make use of. We resolved those issues though (another trip that required a visit to a big box store – have not had one yet that we haven’t! Hah- we are nothing if not consistent.) and ended up having a lovely (and sexy) time.

So here’s a thing I do. I make up these relationship “milestones” in my head. Silly things like, “Does he eat his steak medium/medium rare, or is he a monster and order it well done?” to serious things like, “Do we travel well together?” Of all of those milestones I make up in my head, handling adversity and challenges – whether those we cause ourselves or environmental ones we have no control over – with equanimity is right up there at the top of my “must have” list. So I was thrilled to have “Do we handle stressful, challenging situations well together?” being given a resounding “yes!”. We worked through the not-ideal situation, him with calm leadership, and me with my usual can-do, “lead (well) and I will follow” attitude, and all was well. And to top it off he is not one to let what was a legitimately challenging start to the whole endeavor sour the rest of our time. Another check mark on the milestone list!

And that thing we hadn’t done together before? Horseback riding! Soo much fun! Also, a man that can ride a horse, enjoys it, and does it well? Mmmhmm…as I may have said at one point, “Give me some cowboy in my mouth!” Heh.

Okay, just to be clear, all that milestone stuff is mostly tongue-in-cheek. But it is true that these are all wonderful things to discover about each other. It’s been a year (a year!) of adventures and fun and explorations and sexy stuff and even some hard stuff, but I’ve never had to wonder, “Should I be doing this?” It’s felt right, and good, and good for me. And, I think, for him. I believe we each bring a bounty to the other, and that feels amazing and joyful.

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