A Digression

I was planning to finish off yesterday’s tale (because I am sure ya’ll are dying to hear if and when and how I got me some cowboy in my mouth) but then today happened and I just kind of felt like blathering on about that, instead.

I’m home alone tonight because I have been told I can’t bowl at Summer League due to my back. So the boys are off on their own with a friend subbing in for me (so to speak.)

Here’s my puppers, completely at a loss as to what to do with a Mama home all alone.

I, however have plenty of plans for my “me-night”:

First: I love that they can go off together and hang out without me. I am also sad that they are off together without me! I wanna be there! But…it’s a special kind of fun to be texting with the two of them and in our group text while they hang out together, and I wait here patiently for them.

And also: I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be alone again, to have time to myself to do as I please. Well, sort of as I please. I did send the above list to Sir for commentary (none) and kept him abreast of my doings (still nothing.) But that was to be expected: he is VERY focused when he is bowling. And the man got a 231 straight out of the box! If I hadn’t already been daydreaming of sucking his cock before that score (which I was) that score would have settled it. Prepare to be pounced on, Sir!

But I digress, again. It has been lovely here on my own, spending time in my much-loved home and garden, doing this and that – small things that bring me joy, all the while knowing that I have two beautiful, wonderful men coming home to me. Can you say #polywin? I could get used to this. Maybe I’ll schedule a “me-night” every so often in the future – sans the bad back.

Oh, and I have managed to do all but water the potatoes and have a bath, which I am getting ready to do now. I do think I can get myself in and out of the tub safely. My back has been getting steadily better, and I am anticipating returning to normal activity soon.

And as for that orgasm? Yes, he did take time to answer my request when I asked him (whew!) I had a lovely cum for my Sir…

We shall return to our regular, “to be continued” story, soon. Meanwhile, I hope y’all are enjoying your evening!

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