Some Views of Italy – the First Days

I have some posted some sexy goings-on in Italy, now it’s time for some more scenic views.

This is a map of the area we hiked. The red line is the Path of the Gods from Bomarano to Positano, which is the hike we did the second day we were in Amalfi (the first days were spent in Naples, then hiking Mt. Vesuvius and finally in Pompeii.) Our first day in Amalfi was spent traversing the rocky gorges in the opposite direction, from Agerola along Sentiero 11, 12 & 13, from the Praia Gorges and through Furore Fjord to S. Lazzaro. We had a spectacular lunch under a lemon tree at a farmhouse restaurant that served farm-to-table, much of it grown by them, down to the wine they served.

After that we caught a bus back to Agerola, and prepared for the next day’s hike over The Path of the Gods by sharing a bottle of the local vintage at a little cafe and playing the first of many games of cribbage, trains and pigs, in what would come to be known as “The Italian Open,” a competition across the Amalfi Coast.

Adam won the competition, hands down.
(Now hopefully I’ll be seeing some hands-on to celebrate his big win!)

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