Just Another Work from Home Day

It’s been awhile since I’ve had anything in my ass.

I noted this as I slathered lube onto my football-shaped “daily wear” buttplug, the one I can – and have – worn all day and night before. (With bathroom breaks, of course. No one wants an exploded Jade.) As comfortable as it is to wear for long periods, though, it was still tight going in. I had to work it a bit, pushing it in a bit and then pulling it out, letting the lube coat me inside and out. Although I loved-to-hate and hated-to-love W’s brutal (unlubed) ass-fucking, I will be eternally grateful for one lover’s insistence on showing me that anal sex can be a wholly pleasurable act as well. It was a little uncomfortable as the plug stretched me open, but then such a pleasurable relief as my body closed around the narrow neck again.

My pussy clenched, all the nerve endings in my ass sending signals to my cunt that Good Thingsā„¢ were happening.

I had inserted the plug at Sir’s behest. Earlier that morning, when I had opened the Obedience app that I track my habits and Sir’s expectations and required tasks in, and marked my morning workout as completed, I had realized – and commented on – the fact that I had not yet blogged this week, and that I have not cum for him (outside of sex with him) in a couple of weeks.

Without prompting I often fall out of the habit of self-pleasure.

He immediately responded that I’d better get to blogging (thus here I am) and that I should insert my plug and keep it in until lunchtime, at which point I was to cum for him. (Why is it so easy to become aroused just by reading his words? And why is it so difficult to put myself in that headspace on my own??) In any case, yes, I was immediately excited upon reading his text. And more so because 1) I had a Teams meeting that morning to sit through with the plug in, and it made me feel naughty and submissive at the same time, and 2) I knew he had meetings as well at some point in the day, and I hoped that thoughts of me sitting here in my blouse and yoga pants, smiling and talking with my coworkers while a buttplug filled my ass, might float through his mind and possibly distract him, just a bit.

To be truthful, I don’t know if it works like that for him, if this kind of scenario is a turn-on for him, or if he just fucks with me that way because he knows what it does to me. In the end I suppose it doesn’t matter – I’m here at my computer as he told me to be, I’m wet and excited and thinking of my pussy and my ass and thinking of him.

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