Pinched Nips in Italy

I asked Sir if, while I was in Italy, I could forgo pee permission. He gave me “The Look.” The one that says, “Seriously? Why would you even ask?”

Umm…the eight hour time difference? The fact that I’ll be climbing up and down mountains in rural Italy, won’t have my phone with me at all times, and probably won’t be in service much…?

It turned out that I did have my phone most of the time, and was in cell service a lot more than I expected (turns out Europe is a lot more like the US than a lot of the tropical places I have visited (who’d a thunk?)), and besides which – as he said – we do have the 5 minute rule. But, you know, sometimes I gotta push back against the rules a little bit…

So I had a new rule, the Vacation Pee Rule: for every time I went pee without permission, I had to pinch my nipples for 5 seconds each.

This turned out not to be a deterrent.

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